Chris Brown Creates ‘Monster’ Problem While Partying With Ex Karrueche for his Birthday

Chris Brown is overstaying his welcome in his Hollywood Hills home after his neighbors called the police on the R&B star for bringing some real “monsters” into the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Brown is sure to be in trouble with Rihanna as well after he was spotted partying it up with Karrueche for his 24th birthday.

Whether it’s the rules of a relationship or the rules of an upper class neighborhood, Brown just can’t get himself to follow any of them.

Neighbors actually called the police on the young graffiti artist after he decorated the outside of his home with images of large monsters.

The city officials are giving the tattooed artist a chance to paint over the creatures and have his home look like new again, but if he doesn’t follow through immediately then he will be slapped with a hefty fine.

Breezy has been slapped graffiti on the side of his home ever since April, but this is certainly the most visible piece he has created yet.

In fact, from the front of his Hollywood Hills home it appears as if Chris is simply living out some his childhood’s wildest dreams.

In addition to having the large, colorful monsters painted on the front of his home, his brightly colored Lamborghini looks just like the Hot Wheels car that my brother and I used to fight over as kids all the time.

The once all black vehicle was customized by the famous West Coast Customs that used to appear on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride.”

Ryan, the man responsible for pimping out Brown’s ride, snapped a photo with the neighborhood rebel and happily posted it to Instagram.

That’s not where his childlike tendencies stop either.

Just like a growing boy who finally started liking girls, it seems like Chris just can’t make up his mind on which one he wants – or has he?

Rumors are swirling that there is trouble in the used-to-be paradise that Rihanna and Chris have trashed a good thirty times by now.

RiRi is a busy girl and in the midst of breaking Billboard records, partying, and hitting the stage for her Diamonds World Tour she wasn’t able to jet back home for Breezy’s birthday celebration… but Karrueche Tran sure was.

Of course, her schedule is much much much more clear than Rihanna’s (and even mine for that matter).

According to the tabloids Chris partied it up with his ex all night, but a closer look at his birthday bash photos suggests that perhaps the 24-year-old has finally learned his lesson.

He did promise he would always be a friend of Tran’s so there is no harm done by him inviting her to his birthday party. In the photos, he doesn’t even look excited to see her and is not seen doing anything questionable with the wannabe model.

While the party itself was certainly a wild one the photos haven’t proven that Brown was being wild with Kae at any time during the night.

Luckily, her tacky outfit probably made it a little easier for him to keep his hands to himself.

We liked the denim spiked jacket and her figure allowed her to make the plain black dress still look fashionable enough but the white knee high fringe streetwalker boots with the peep-toe was enough to keep even Chris on his best behavior.

One source even claims that Tran disappeared from Chris’s table during the night and testified that the pair didn’t spend much time together.

Maybe he is actually trying to be a good boy now? Or maybe he heard the rumors that Rihanna has some amazing birthday gift waiting for him and he doesn’t want to mess things up before the present is in his possession?


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