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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Prepare for Wedding As Kanye Calls the Shots

Looks like all the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding rumors are true! The famous couple is preparing to get married and Kanye is already laying down the law.

Rumors have been swirling that Kim K was ready to walk down the aisle once again and it seems like all signs are suggesting that this rumor might be a fact.

A source told that the reality star and her rapper boyfriend have already picked out a wedding date, have a good idea about the location, and Kimmy is already pretty sure about what gown she will wear on that special day.

The source said that the famous Kardashian wants to get married shortly after she gives birth to her child which is due in June.

As for the location, the couple has decided to have a luxurious wedding in Los Angeles hopefully close to the beach.

In the midst of an over 500-day divorce process, the pregnant Kardashian apparently still had a lot of time to think about remarrying to her baby’s father and she is already pretty sure about what style of dress she is looking for, but the source remained pretty mum about specifics.

All they revealed is that Kimmy will be wearing an “ethereal white wedding gown.”

We are sure the dress will be stunning on the curvy star, but whether or not we will be able to see it is another question.

Mr. West made it clear that he wants privacy in the relationship despite the fact that exploiting every detail of her life is exactly how Kim got her fame and fortune in the first place.

Yeezy has forbidden any media from attending the wedding and does not want to sell any of their wedding photos for profit.

Instead, he wants to keep on the track of giving back to the community and is pushing Kim to consider using the huge wedding as a way to reach out to one of her charities.

“Kanye says they should consider a donation to one of Kim’s charities like the Skin Cancer Foundation or Mattel Children’s hospital in a deal around the wedding for a short film,” the source explained.

The source also claimed that the soon-to-be mommy of one wants an “immediate wedding,” but the rush of the wedding will depend on how long it takes the courts to finalize her divorce documents.

The wedding news may finally put an end to the Kim and Kanye break up rumors and may explain why the couple seemed so tense when they finally reunited. It’s a stressful experience to plan a wedding – add in pregnancy, one of you being in another country most of the time, and not being legally divorced yet and there is no wonder the two seemed a little irritated during their recent rendezvous.

While they may be spending a lot of time apart, Kim has been keeping Kanye up to date by sending him tons of medical records regarding the baby’s progress and even snaps of homes she has looked at as she scouts the area for a lavish home with three nurseries.

Meanwhile, it seems like there is one thing Kim is missing more than Kanye – her pre-pregnancy body.

She has been posting several pictures of herself before she got her growing baby bump and we can’t say we blame her.

While the star is certainly just as gorgeous with her bun in the oven, her pre-pregnancy figure was killer so we understand her wanting to indulge in the past a bit.

The good news is if she is anything like Kourtney, she’ll be able to bounce back pretty quickly.

Her latest pic of her slender figure was a photo of her posing with boyfriend Kanye West in a rather revealing outfit.

The pic was snapped some time in 2011 but it was obvious that there was some serious chemistry brewing between the two.

Along with the cleavage filled photo she posted a caption saying, “I miss you.”

We’re pretty sure she was talking about Kanye, but you just never know with Kim.

She could be referring to her slender figure, the racy outfit, or even the bright red extensions… but we’re still going to go with Kanye on this one.


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