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Kim Kardashian Double Doesn’t Rate Second Look in Ray J’s ‘I Hit It First’ Video

The music video for “I Hit It First,” Ray J’s gross Kim Kardashian “dis track,” is out, showing Ray J shooting a bedroom video with a Kim K. look-alike, who wanders down a street full of paparazzi with a knockoff E! network logo in the corner of the screen.

The biggest surprise, though, is that Ray J’s Kardashian look-alike actress ranks pretty low in the “Kardashian look-alike” genre. Though styled with slicked-back hair, glossed nude lips, and heavy eye makeup — all Kardashian signatures — the actress’s face and body are all wrong. She’s at least four Kardashian look-alike ranks below Reggie Bush baby mama, Lilit Avagyan, worse even than the look-alike available at

Kanye West actually filmed a sex tape with someone who looks more like Kim Kardashian. The only look-alike this look-alike out-look-alikes is the one Old Navy hired, and that may have been an accident, anyway.

I don’t mean to be cruel to this video girl — who is lovely in her own unique way — it’s just that the Kardashian look-alike is a competitive field. Ray J didn’t bring his A-game.

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