Love & Hip Hop Atlanta : Season 2

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” returns for a second season on VH1 Monday (April 22) night and the episode begins with one of the most twisted storylines we’ve seen on reality TV in a while: the famed love triangle between Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez and Mimi Faust.  After last season’s finale and reunion, it didn’t seem like things could get any stranger between these three — but it does, and Joseline is still rolling with it. During a visit to our studios the “Love & Hip Hop” star told MTV News that she’s totally cool with all of Stevie’s antics.

Mimi’s moved on! Or has she? Mimi crashing at Stevie J’s place is all fine and dandy until Joseline walks in to find her there. Did you peep Mimi’s impression of Joseline? “She was staying here?” Mimi asks Stevie. Of course she was. “She doesn’t belong around a child. Period.” Stevie reassures Mimi he’s going to check Joseline. And to make sure Joseline isn’t around their daughter, Mimi’s going to start staying at Stevie J’s house. Moving on will have to wait.

Scrappy‘s moved back in with Erica since they’re engaged. Erica’s not feeling Scrappy’s spending habits because how are they going to plan a wedding if he’s making it rain on Gucci, Louis and Polo.

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