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Tamar Braxton Joins Other Celeb Moms Putting Their Baby Bump on Full Display

Tamar Braxton stepped out for lunch with husband Vincent Herbert on Friday and flaunted her growing baby bump in an all white ensemble.

There used to be a time in Hollywood where pregnant celeb moms went out of their way to find dresses that made their baby bump less noticeable.

Well times have certainly changed.

Tamar Braxton – like other pregnant celebs including Kim Kardashian and Halle Berry – wore a fitted outfit that exaggerated her bun in the oven rather than hiding it.

The singer and reality star rocked a plain white top with a white blazer along with a pair of white floral printed jeans. Staying true to her personality she added a hot pink hand bag and matching heels.

Tamar claimed that she didn’t have many months left of pregnancy so we have to give her some serious props for being able to trust in those vibrant pumps despite having a baby on board.

The 36-year-old R&B singer will be the last of her sisters to finally add a baby to her family.

To keep in line with the trend of flaunting baby bumps, Tamar hit the red carpet at the US Weekly Hollywood style party in a fitted black Stella McCartney dress and yet another pair of pumps.

This time the pop of color came from her lipstick and nails as she kept the accessories neutral and her hair sleek.

Tamar also revealed that she finally feels like she has officially “made it” all thanks to a famous drag queen.

During an exclusive interview with Tamar commented on Rupaul’s Drag Race and claimed that “miss Roxxy did it honey!”

The drag queen impersonated the famous Braxton and she loved it, despite the fact that others thought it might be a little offensive.

“No, why would it be offensive to me,” she asked. “I love it. Once a drag queen does you, you have made it. So I thought it was just hysterical.”

As for her music career, she is ready to follow up her success with “Love and War” by releasing her second single “The One.”

“Well the second single is called ‘The One’ and it’s an amazing throwback record,” she said. “It’s one of those summertime records that are so familiar to you and you just wanna rock out because you feel like you lived it.”

If you’re noticing a theme here with the music, you’re not crazy. The entire album is being dedicated to talking about love and relationships.

“It’s not based off the single but it’s based off of relationships period,” she said of her album titled Love and War. “Sometimes you are relationships you are all in love and then at one point you are fighting with each other and figuring things out, and to me that is what life is all about.”

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