Chris Brown's Bodyguard Join Club Lawsuit Frenzy, Blames Drake

Rapper Drake was the antagonist, according to Chris Brown’s bodyguard in a new lawsuit. That’s right, Drizzy Drake who outed his brief romance with Rihanna on”No Lie”, reportedly prompted the fight when he handed Brown an offensive hand written note. For some time there was speculation over Drake and Rihanna’s romance. The Bajan beauty appeared to have shunned the rapper while he publicly moaned about being dissed by the pop star. On “No Lie” Drake dropped some strong hints that his one-time experience was good enough.

“Aww that look like what’s her name, chances are it’s whats her name. Chances are if she was actin up then I f—ked her once and never f—ked again. She could have a Grammy, I still treat her ass like a nominee. Just need to know what that p—sy like so one time is fine with me.”

To say the least these lyrics likely rubbed Chris Brown and Rihanna the wrong way. The lingering tension was the perfect set up for a bar brawl, because you know, twenty-something successful entertainers, their roadies plus their burly bodyguards don’t have any self-control.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by the NY Daily News, Patrick Strickland — whose head was badly bloodied during the flying bottle attacks — is suing Drake and W.i.P. nightclub, where the brawl took place last June.

Hired muscle Patrick Strickland snidely refers to Drake as “a popular and successful, albeit critically derided, entertainer,” in his lawsuit filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Strickland, 43, claims the hot spot, W.i.P., is responsible for the ugly head cut he suffered during the melee because it sat Brown’s entourage and Drake’s crew near each other, even though staffers knew the celebrities were beefing over sultry R&B songstress Rihanna.

The seating arrangement created “a substantial and unjustifiable risk that a mass altercation would occur between the two camps,” the suit for an unspecified amount of damages states.

Moreover, the club over-served Drake and his posse, and had an employee hand Brown a note from Drake that read: “I’m f–king the love of your life,” according to the Strickland suit.

The note allegedly led to a “verbal altercation” and that caused a “massive bar brawl that involved bottle throwing, possible gunshots and a general state of riot and disorder,” the suit charges.

Strickland’s rational for the lawsuit sounds an awful lot like NBA star Tony Parker’s lawsuit against the entertainers and the club. The entertainers have also filed a lawsuit against each other in hopes of off-setting what may turn out to be a huge payout.


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