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Jennifer Lopez Criticized By Ex Cris Judd For Thinking Like A Man

Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Cris Judd is breaking his silence on why their marriage came to such a sudden end and according to him, Jennifer was all about the fame and fortune – not true love.

It’s still a man’s world apparently. No Beyonce song, feminism rally, or cultural blog has managed to change that.

Cris Judd is slamming his ex-wife for chasing her career and devoting all her time to being successful, but isn’t that exactly what most men do?

Entertainment Wise reports:

Asked what it’s like to be married to one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Judd reportedly confessed to New! Magazine:

“You have to have that balance of work and home life, and you have to have moments of intimacy.

“Her schedule was strenuous and there wasn’t much downtime. If I wasn’t travelling with her, it was very difficult to have those moments of closeness.”

We understand where he is coming from but there certainly seems to be a double standard when women in the industry devote their time to building a successful career and when a man does the exact same thing.

When a man does it he is strong, powerful and focused. He has miraculously managed to avoid all the temptations of female sexuality in order to pursue his dreams. He is a hero.

When a women follows in those footsteps she is an insensitive partner, often seen as an inattentive mother, and is perceived as being selfish.

Sorry Cris, but we’re not sympathizing with you on this one.

Meanwhile, it seems like J. Lo did finally find a guy who is willing to put up with her busy schedule, but that’s partly because he’s on the road with her all the time.

Lopez and her backup dancer turned boyfriend Casper Smart went out on a romantic date to a popular Italian restaurant where the mother of two was styled perfectly.

With her hair pulled back in a chic bun, Jennifer wore a coral sweater with white pencil skirt and managed to find some stylish heels that perfectly matched the color of her top.

Throw in the white studded clutch and that pink lipstick and suddenly Casper is reminded of just how lucky he truly is.

Lucky for Jen, he also hasn’t complained one bit (not publicly anyway) about all of her many projects, endorsements, and music collabs.

While she was spotted teaming up with Chris Brown a few days ago, this time she is reaching out to another girl from the block – Becky G.

Becky G released a new music video for her song “Becky from the Block” and was honored to have “Jenny from the Block” right by her side.

“It was such a dope and fun experience to work with an idol of mine. Jen has always been an inspiration to me so to have her blessing on my remake of ‘Jenny from the Block’ was part of my dream coming true,” the 16-year-old rapper said according to Just Jared. 

Quite frankly I’m not a big fan of the teenage remake, but big ups to Jen for reaching out to her anyway. She has quite an inspiring story if you listen to the lyrics of the song and we wish her the best with her rap career.

You can check out the “Jenny from the Block” remake “Becky from the Block” below:


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