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Porsha Williams Doesn’t Raise Kids For FREE, Pay up Kordell

Porsha Williams wants alimony for raising Syre Porsha Williams is demanding alimony in her divorce from Kordell Stewart who claimed he wasn’t giving his soon-to-be ex-wife a single dime in spousal support.

Kordell blind-sided the reality star with a stack of divorce papers after promising her that he would stick around to work on their marriage. To add insult to injury, he claimed that Porsha is perfectly capable of making her own money which is why he refuses to pay her any spousal support.

What he didn’t realize, however, is that Porsha was no free nanny for his son from a previous marriage. Now that the marriage is over, Porsha is calling his tab.

Williams filed her own divorce papers in Georgia yesterday claiming that she gave up working for two full years and even sold her businesses simply so she could be a full time mommy to Kordell’s son Syre.

While Stewart thought it was an act of love, he didn’t realize that Williams was keeping score and according to her tallies he owes her big time.

Porsha Williams demands alimony from Kordell Stewart A close friend of Porsha’s explained that it was a major sacrifice for her to take time off just to care for the child of another woman, and for Kordell to treat her like this is simply heart breaking.

“Her heart is broken,” the source explained. “She opened herself up to being a mom, and now this has happened.”

Apparently, the pain of caring for another woman’s child is a lot deeper than most know if you don’t want her drama filled reality show.

“She had a miscarriage recently,” the source said. “She is a great mom and a fantastic woman. This whole situation has been incredibly upsetting.”

The marriage has crumbled apart after only two years of marriage, and the reality star always spoke very highly of her husband during interviews. It’s easy to see that in her eyes, things were going to work out.

Regardless of what she expected from Kordell, she isn’t going to sit back and watch him try to run all over her in the divorce battle.

“She is standing up for herself, finally,” the source added. “She has stayed in that marriage and in that home for all this time because there was a child involved. She loves Syre like her is her own. She was with Syre all the time, and he even calls her mom.”

The ex-NFL star has to have a bit of a cold heart to try to throw out his ex without giving her any of his fortune despite the fact that she gave up two years of her life just for the sake of his own child.

Porsha Williams fights back in divorce case, demands Kordell to pay up You have to consider the fact that without Williams around, there is no telling when Syre would have received the love and affection that a growing child desperately needs.

In the midst of all the chaos and heart break, Porsha is still doing her best to stay positive and “trust God.”

“Thank you for your prayers,” she tweeted to all her fans along with a photo that read, “Difficult moments, seek GOD. Quiet moments, worship GOD. Painful moments, trust GOD. Every moment, thank GOD.”

It seems like Porsha is ready to push her way through the divorce with the help of God and… Nene?

The reality star who once bashed Porsha and her marriage is apparently coming to her rescue now and trying to help her perk up.

“NeNe has been a fabulous friend to Porsha,” another source revealed. “She has given her a shoulder to cry on. The two of them may be going out this weekend. Porsha is still trying to deal with what has happened so everything is up in the air, but, at the moment the plan is for them to have some friend time together in New York.”


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