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Chris Brown Opens Up To Ryan Seacrest: Takes Responsibility For His Past

Chris Brown has been on a downward spiral lately, but his latest interview with Ryan Seacrest has actually given us hope that the young R&B star is ready to take responsibility for his past and grow into a mature young man.

You can go ahead and pick your jaws up off the floor now. Don’t feel bad it took us a minute too.

You can also stop searching Google for another Chris Brown because I’m indeed talking about the tattooed trouble maker that beat Rihanna back in 2009.

When he stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest, even the American Idol host was reluctant about bringing him on the show.

“I was going back and forth in my mind whether or not we should do this interview,” Seacrest admitted before the interview on March 26. “There was a time when we didn’t have him on. The issue is sometimes I feel like he becomes his own worst enemy, and I do believe that he is sorry for these mistakes. I really do believe that.”

At first, I couldn’t say that I agreed with Ryan but after Breezy began talking you could tell that something was different.

The R&B bad boy has apologized for his actions numerous times. He has always admitted that he was in the wrong, but he never actually sounded genuine. Well this time, it was a different story.

Instead of giving a poor apology that only partially but the blame on him, this time he admitted that everything that has happened was the result of his own arrogance and not knowing how to behave as a young man in the spotlight.

“I just tried my best to be the man I could be over the years and just show her how remorseful and sorry I was for the incident and that time was probably the worst part of my life,” Brown said about the incident back in 2009 when he attacked Rihanna. “And being that she has [forgiven me] and she’s a wonderful person I’m eternally grateful and thankful.”

For some people that might not mean much, but it’s an indication that Chris is ready to stop dodging the truth and ready to turn his life around – or at least we hope it is.

He even passed up the chance to slam his haters, and we all know how much Chris usually loves to bad mouth someone who has been “hating” on him.

“People are entitled to their opinions,” he said without getting angry or going off into his usual irrational tangents. “I can’t go around blaming. It’s all about my responsibility and me growing up as a man. So I think now that I’m becoming older, and trying to mature in this life under the public eye at all times, I have to focus on doing the right thing and being more of a humble individual.”

We certainly do miss the lovable “humble” Chris Brown from back in the day that was cast to play a loving young man in “This Christmas” and it would certainly be a treat to see him come back.

The reason we are so hopeful that he will come back, is the fact that Breezy has finally admitted that he left years ago.

Seacrest asked the “Don’t Judge Me” crooner what he learned in the midst of all the chaos and the 23-year-old replied, “that you can lose it all.”

Now before you go thinking that Brown is only concerned about losing his career and his fame, that’s actually not what he was referring to.

“And I’m not just saying fame or stardom because that’s not what it’s about,” he clarified. “I’m talking about dignity [and] integrity. You know, you lose yourself in a way.”

To bring it all home to win over a second chance from us, the young singer and part-time rapper even admitted that his age wasn’t an excuse for doing what he did to the Bajan beauty.

“I think for me that at age 18, 19, I was capable of writing and producing songs,” he explained. “So I’m also capable of making the right choices. Being at that young age, I can tell you I was arrogant and definitely hotheaded. Everybody has a temper, but for me it was not knowing how to control it when I thought I had the world in my hands.”

Don’t think Rihanna’s lover is going to be all about being a mature man now. Apparently, he still has his childish ways when it comes to RiRi.

“It’s still like we’re kids,” he said. “I try not to be too grown and be like, ‘Let’s have candlelight dinner every night.’ I try to make sure everything is fun. It has to be fun and it has to be genuine.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he will have his slip ups from time to time because it’s a process that he’s going through, not an over night fix, but if he keeps this mindset he may win America back over.

Of course, that’s definitely going to take a lot of time and A LOT of humility.

Listen to his interview with Ryan Seacrest below and make your own call about whether or not this could be the beginning of a new chapter for the young star.

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