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Unleashed ‘The Wolverine’ Teasers Hint Tougher Hugh Jackman

wolverine poster

Prepare to be teased, but don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Yesterday two new The Wolverine posters showing a flexed out Hugh Jackman were released. Since then a six-second “tweaser” and a 20 second teaser of The Wolverine have also been released, confirming that this may be the toughest version of Hugh Jackman’s metallic-clawed X-man we’ve seen to date.

Both clips teem with all kinds of plot revelations, but they raise more questions too. According to MTV , Director James Mangold said he wanted to “restore the character’s gritty nature. It looks like that‘s what he did as he guided Logan in his latest adventure to Japan.

In the The Wolverine Vine loop we see the X-man battling a sword-wielding samurai, then he’s thrown clear of a massive fireball explosion, and we even see him making his approach to kiss Dr. Jean Grey …Wait, didn’t he have to kill her in X-Men: The Last Stand? Check out the clip below.

[jwplayer mediaid=”34326″]
The full length teaser depicts Logan fighting, as usual but it focuses on an intriguing dialogue between him and a mysterious man who he tells, “What they did to me, what I am, can’t be undone”— referring of course to his transformation into the Adamantium-infused mutant.

The stranger replies, “Don’t be so sure,” which really makes you wonder what is in store for the embattled hero.

All these Wolverine goodies; the posters and two teasers, were released to prepare us for what is to come tomorrow when the full length trailer arrive.  I guess you’ll have to check back to see what else is revealed about the film.

The Wolverine slashes into theaters this summer July 26.  Check out the full length teaser and the posters below…





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