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Morgan Freeman Reveals His Secrets About Olympus Has Fallen [Exclusive]

Morgan Freeman took some time to talk to us about his role in the upcoming Antoine Fuqua thriller Olympus Has Fallen. After meeting him in person, I could see why he’s one of Hollywood most sacred treasures. The Academy Award winner wasted no time charming the room as he talked about his approach to his role in the film, which you can read for yourself in the interview below.

Olympus Has Fallen is a film about the White House being taken over by a terrorist mastermind. And when a disgraced former Presidential guard Mike Banning hears  that the President is taken prisoner he waste no time getting himself in the White House. As our national security team scrambles to respond, they are forced to rely on Banning’s inside knowledge to help retake the White House, save the President, and avert an even bigger disaster.

Olympus Has Fallen also stars Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Angela Bassett, Dylan McDermott, Ashley Judd, Melissa Leo, and Rick Yune.

Check out the interview below:

Did you do any additional research to play the Speaker of the House and what was it like working in Louisiana in that heat?

Morgan Freeman “Well I was raised in Mississippi so that heat and humidity is my bread and butter. That’s what keeps me going. I can’t stand cold weather. I’m freezing now. I don’t think to play just about any role [about] — unless you are going to play someone who is extinct — someone who is living today that you have to do any research beyond learning your lines. So I don’t go for trying to study the speaker of the house. You know who that is? (Laughs) I don’t think there is any need for that. I played a prisoner; some of the actors in that scene said well we are going to spend the night in jail…Really? And learn what?”

In the film when you became in charge the audience went crazy, Has playing the President role ever cross your mind when you first read the script?

Morgan Freeman “Well that doesn’t enter into it you know that. I don’t see that there is any decision your making regarding your role except either your going to play it or not. What’s on the script is on the script—you don’t go to the director and say look I like the idea of playing this but I want all these lines changed so that I can put more weight to the idea that I would really like to be President, It just doesn’t work like that.”

Morgan what was it like working with Angela?

Morgan Freeman “One of the great things about this work that we do—I’m still kind of star struck I have seen her do some incredible work and to get a chance to dance with them is a serious perk in life. So you walk on set and there’s Angela and its like yeah I’m there. You find a good dance partner and you just want to dance.”

How do you stay so humble in Hollywood…What’s your secret?

Morgan Freeman “Don’t live here. Go where people put you in your place.”

Catch Olympus Has Fallen In Theaters March 22 2013.

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