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'Rihanna 777' Film Lands On Fox In May

After making her big screen debut with the box office flop, Battleship, Rihanna will be making her way to the small screen with her upcoming documentary.

According to the Hollywood reporter,  the documentary, titled ‘Rhianna’s 777′ documentary will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the ups and downs of the pop star’s notorious globetrotting tour that “hit seven countries in seven days with seven shows.”

The seven-time Grammy winning singer used a Boeing 77 to fly 256 die-hard fans and international journalists  to tour destinations in Mexico City, Toronto,  Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London and  New York City.

As if she doesn’t get enough attention for the tumultuous situations in her life… ahem, Chris Brown – there was a lot of publicity and drama surrounding the Rihanna 777 tour. So fans, who were unable to board the 777 plane or catch one of the shows will get a chance to catch it find out what they missed on Fox Monday, May 6.

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