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Michael Jordan Already Losing His Paternity Case?

Michael Jordan's paternity suit heats upMichael Jordan is already losing the paternity case against Pamela Smith regarding her 16-year-old son that she claims belongs to Michael.

It’s supposed to be a happy time for the basketball legend who just filed for his marriage license with his fiancé in Florida, but instead he’s in the midst of a paternity case that he is already losing.

Jordan and his lawyer, John Mayoue, filed a request for dismissal from the paternity case but the court wasn’t having it. Yesterday, the request was denied and the courts are already being urged to order a paternity test.

The Atlanta woman who claims Jordan is her son’s father is urging the courts to move forward and force the star to take a paternity test, and she may very well get what she’s asking for in due time.

Another court date has to be set to establish when and if a paternity test will take place.

Michael Jordan paternity case side by side son It seems like Jordan’s bad luck in this case will only continue, especially considering who Smith has decided to add to her legal team.

Randy Kessler, a huge lawyer who has represented many clients in divorce, custody, and paternity cases, is now representing Michael’s alleged baby mama.

Kessler has already released a statement in response to the harsh allegations that Jordan’s legal team slammed on Pam. The NBA star’s legal team accused Mrs. Smith of lying and even alleged that she is a bad mother for keeping her son away from who they believe is his biological father.

“The claims by Respondent’s counsel that ‘it is troubling that Smith now inflicts measurable harm upon her son while seeking to deprive her son’s father Reynolds, of the rights and privileges of joint legal custody’ are completely unfounded and meant only to disparage her,” Kessler said. “Our client feels Mr. Jordan had numerous opportunities to resolve this Pam Smith claims Michael Jordan paternity case isn't about money matter by having a simple conversation with her. If he claims he is not the father, a simple $300 saliva test could likely resolve the issue instead of further court or public involvement.”

He certainly has a point. Jordan is rolling in cash and is one of the highest paid athletes in the entire world, why not just pay a few hundred dollars for a test and get rid of this entire fiasco? Of course, we already know the answer to that.

While the paternity test itself isn’t expensive, the results certainly could cost the athlete a pretty penny.

The 48-year-old alleged baby mamma wants child support from Jordan and considering how much he makes every year, those payments are sure to be quite expensive.

Is Pam Smith's son Michael Jordan's son The good news is, he would only have to pay the expensive support payments for two years since his alleged son is about to graduate high school.

If you ask Pam, however, it’s not even the money that matters the most – it’s her son’s peace of mind.

“If this was about money, she would have filed suit 10 years ago,” her attorney pointed out.

She claims that the only reason she is stepping forward now is because her son has been dying to know who his real father is.

“My son has the right to know who is father is,” Smith told reporters after the hearing. “He has had an issue with it over the years.”

We’re sure that those expensive junior and senior dues and the cost of sending a child off to college also served as some motivation to start racking up child support payments while she can.


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