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How To Avoid A Make Up Meltdown This Spring/Summer

We’ve been busy giving you all the tips and tricks to make your skin look flawless, but at the end of the day every lady loves her make up even when the sun doesn’t.

You know what we’re talking about. You’re getting ready for a day out with the ladies and you apply your best foundation, blend your eye shadow perfectly, and have enough mascara to make your eye lashes touch your forehead.

You look simply stunning inside her air conditioned bathroom… and then you step out into the unforgiving sun.

As if you’re some beautiful version of the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz, your make up starts melting away in a pool of sweat.

Well thankfully make up expert Clint Fernandes shared some beauty tips to help ladies bare the heat without ruining their make up.

Toss the Foundation: Fernandes says skip out on the foundation in the hot months and opt for a “shimmering powder” that you can lightly brush onto your face. It will “accentuate your skin” and it won’t cake up your pores.

Let Your Eyes be the Color: We get it. It’s spring and you just bought a makeup pallet full of spring time colors that you are eager to throw on your face all at once, but don’t. Fernandes recommends using neutral tones for eye shadow in the spring. Your eyes will be enough color along with your vibrant spring time wardrobe.

Top Mascara Only: When you start sweating under the sun’s harsh rays the last thing you want is mascara running down under your eyes. It’ll make you look like you’ve been crying watching Lifetime movies all day – and even if that is the truth you just can’t show it. Apply a light, waterproof mascara to the top eyelash only and you’ll still have the gorgeously long lashes without the Lifetime drama.

Shorten Your Nails: Don’t be that person who is going in for your fifth fill in and you still refuse to get your nails clipped. According to Fernandes there are more benefits of having short nails than just avoiding looking like wolverine. Shorter nails are easier to maintain and won’t break as easily when you’re out and about enjoying the nice weather.

Condition, condition, condition: The sun’s rays are especially unforgiving on African American hair. If you’re a lady who loves spending some time in a chlorine filled pool then the damage can be even worse. You have to deep condition your hair regularly to keep it moisturized and strong. If you don’t your hair will become weak and brittle and will start jumping out of your scalp in no time. Try to deep condition “at least once a week” and you can save yourself from a world of summer time baldness.

Fernandes shared more great tips at The Times of India including what lipsticks to avoid, and what hairstyles are both cool and stylish.


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