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Entertainment Roundup: Hendrix Tops Charts, Nicki Minaj Launches Clothing Line

Decades after his death, rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix is still a top earner, with his posthumous single, “Somewhere” reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Singles chart last month. A full album of 12 unreleased songs from the rock legend, “People, Hell and Angels” will ship on Tuesday.  Janie Hendrix, the star’s step-sister and current CEO of Experience Hendrix, spoke with Reuters. “After the huge success of the (Jimi Hendrix) Experience and those first albums, he wanted to branch out more, and the blues sound on this is just different from the others,” she said. “This new album is very important for all his fans as it really showcases his creativity and a different side to him.”

With rumors of a potential wedding with boyfriend Chris Brown swirling, Rihanna stepped out to Hollywood’s Playhouse nightclub Saturday night. The Unapologetic singer, sporting a racing jacket and thigh-high leather boots, was escorted by a team of five bodyguards. In a recent interview with Elle, Rihanna mentioned that she is hoping to start a family within the next five years.

Fellow pop star Nicki Minaj appears to be more focused on her career, bring her clothing line to K-Mart in a new partnership. She announced the launch at a Beverly Hills press conference Saturday. During an interview with Hip Hop Wired, Minaj explained her desire to bring her brand to K-Mart.

“I don’t want to make it too expensive, because who am I kidding, a lot of my fans are not going to go and buy a $2,000 pair of shoes, especially not [in this] economy,” she said. “K-mart is a trusted place, people already go there, they already have their clientele and so I [I thought] ‘If can just bring my brand over to there, I think my fans would be happy.’”

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