So LaLa Anthony DOESN’T Taste Like Honey Nut Cheerios?

LaLa Anthony finally spoke up about the Kevin Garnett rumor in which the NBA star told her husband, Carmelo, that LaLa tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios – and as it turns out, the entire thing was a lie.

Kevin Garnett is known for talking mess on the court, but for once it seems like Kevin wasn’t actually guilty of saying the bizarre and disrespectful comment everyone thought he made.

For a few months now we have all been waiting on the couple to announce their divorce after rumors of separation had been flying around, but Mrs. Anthony says everything is all good and Kevin still has no idea what she actually tastes like.

“Garnett did not say that about me,” LaLa said during her interview with Ear Candy on Demand.

Just because he didn’t comment on what she tastes like doesn’t mean he wasn’t being his usual drama starting-self however. She did admit that the NBA star said a few things her husband Carmelo wasn’t fond of, but that none of it had to do with her.

“He just said some things to my husband that he didn’t like… it happens in the heat of battle,” she explained. “People don’t know what goes on on that court. Garnett’s known for [trash talking]. So it got under my husband’s skin and things happen but it wasn’t about me.”

As for her marriage, LaLa was happy to report that although it wasn’t perfect everything was just fine.

“We’ve been together for 10 years and I always say if people tell you their marriage is perfect they’re lying,” Carmelo’s wife continued. “We go through ups we go through downs just like everyone else. But we’re doing great and we’re raising an amazing son Kiyan whose about to turn 6 in like a week.”

She went on to share that her little man has turned out to be such a sweet heart and a genuinely “good kid.”

So if Garnett never said those things about the 33-year-old Brooklyn native why wasn’t she upset about it? Let’s face it, the entire social media network and then some were busy accusing her of cheating on Carmelo. You’d think she’d be pretty upset about that right?

Well the NBA star’s wife took the mature approach to the situation and decided to just laugh the whole thing off.

“…To be in the middle of that whole entire thing you had to laugh,” LaLa added. “If you don’t laugh at that stuff it will start messing with your head and making you feel upset and down so I laugh about it.”

Well her marriage is great, she doesn’t taste like the popular cereal brand, Kevin hasn’t been messing around with her and she’s found a way to laugh off the entire thing; so the only question left is is Chris Bosh’s wife laughing off Lil Wayne’s comment? Or is she just trying to ignore it until the entire thing blows over?

Looks like whoever does the casting for Basketball Wives missed out on some great reality TV candidates.

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