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Rev. Jackson Leads March to Park Where Hadiya Pendleton Was Killed

Hadiya+march Keeping the nation’s focus on the young victims of gun violence, Rev. Jesse Jackson is leading a march in Chicago today to the park where 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton was fatally shot just a week after she performed at President Obama’s inauguration.

As Chicago law enforcement officials and community leaders cajole the community into providing information to help find the killer — raising the reward to $40,000 —Hadiya’s pastor said the family hasn’t yet received word on whether Obama will respond to the petition drive for him to attend the girl’s funeral.

But the pastor, Rev. Courtney Maxwell of Greater Deliverance Temple, said Obama did call the family earlier in the week, shortly after the girl was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon while she was hanging out with friends.

Gun-control advocates are trying to keep the nation’s attention focused on the issue in the wake of the December massacre in Newtown, Conn., where 20 first-graders were gunned down in Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The president has twice mentioned the ongoing carnage in Chicago during speeches as he tries to push gun control legislation — and he put handgun measures in the legislation specifically to impact cities like Chicago.  However, many African-Americans have been calling on Obama to get more personally involved in the case of Hadiya.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, announcing the increase in the reward money, challenged the community to do the right thing.

“If that [the reward] doesn’t do it, then maybe we should look at our consciences,” McCarthy said.

The police superintendent called out to the person who may have driven the shooter away to do “the morally correct thing” and step forward with information. He also thanked members of the community for passing out fliers to prompt people to call the police with information. Police are trying to break through an orthodoxy in many communities that pressures people not to “snitch.”

“The fact is, we need more help,” McCarthy said.

Rev. Ira Acree  of the Greater St. John Bible Church, said it’s time for the community to police itself, according to a story in the Chicago Sun-Times.

“This is a civil community, and unless the rest of us speak up and be courageous and do the right thing, we will let a minority cause us to all live in fear,” he said. “…Anyone who is harboring a shooter in their home, whether it’s relatives or friends, you are just as guilty as the person who pulled the trigger.”

Rev. Jackson’s march today is scheduled to start at the headquarters for Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition and end at the park where Hadiya, an honor student and drum majorette at King College Prep High School, was killed.


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4 thoughts on “Rev. Jackson Leads March to Park Where Hadiya Pendleton Was Killed

  1. THE ANSWER to Peace and Global Harmony.

    ARK in Berea: Over the years, we as Americans have been united in our grief as Newtown and other cities have lain to rest so many beautiful, innocent children, along with the heroic educators who worked every day to help them achieve their dreams. Regardless of the motive behind such violence, no act of terror can be accepted or justified. Terrorism and violent extremism should find no shelter or refuge in any ideology, political opinion or religion. We feel The Answer is to overcome this common threat and work harder to promote the iceality of a sustainable global culture of peace. This has all become more obvious against the backdrop of such atrocities. The Answer to preventing these types of attacks from recurring in the future is to unite as one human race for Peace. We firmly believe that respect for human and environmental rights and greater understanding between people from different racial and religious backgrounds must be the cornerstone of society in today's fast-changing, globalized world.
    The “Worlds Children Peace Monument (WCPM)” and the “Great American Peace Trail (GAPT)” Projects are designed by the International Center for Environmental Arts to engage all the Worlds Children with cross-cultural awareness in order to attain the common goal of sharing peace and diversity with their neighbors. They have direct community impact through neighborhood beautification, community and economic development while building self-esteem and hope. They will help to build better societies where everyone can live, respect and accept each other as they diplomatically negotiate errors and differences of prejudice and hatred and instill in its place the belief in the necessity of communication. Unfortunately, extremism exists in all communities, ethnicities and religions. An effective response must begin with communication of the truth of our common humanity. Those who learn to believe in the dialogue of iceality cannot be susceptible to violent extremist ideology.

    “Peace is too important to be left in the hands of politicians; they do not have the training or inclination to commit to openness, equality and democracy. Therefore, our main goal for the WCPM is to educate the Children today, so they will be able to train and stop the violence in their future…..and that begins within each one of us Now".
    We now have the power to make this World a beautiful place one child at a time. Begin with your own child and watch how that child radiates towards the other Worlds children. We are all children of the universe and we have a right to live here in peace.

    Peace Friends,
    Ambassador Renate

  2. Paul Simmons says:

    As long as greed is considered healthy there will be no peace. At this point in the history of humanity greed trumps common sense.

  3. Paul, I am meeting tomorrow with with Ms Frances Caldwell, Exec Dir of the Cleveland African American Museum about putting on a peace exhibit in memory of Ione Biggs. It will be for Black History Month or Woman's History Month.

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