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Rick Ross Shooting: Rapper Responds With Newly Released Freestyle

Rick Ross has responded to the YouTube gang that is believed to be behind the drive by shooting that caused the rapper to crash his Rolls-Royce on Monday.

Rick Ross and his girlfriend were able to walk away from the shooting without any injuries, but recent reports are suggesting that Ross isn’t out of trouble yet.

According to MTV News a gang known as the Gangster Disciples has been posting several YouTube videos warning Ross that they were coming after him.

“We’re pulling up on you,” one of the gang members said in one of the videos. “Whatever city, whatever state, the pressure on.”

CNN has reported that the gang is after money that they believe the Ricky Rozay owes them after he used the Star of David as album art.

While most people would see the Star of David as a symbol of Judaism, the gang insists that the symbol was being used in reference to one of the Gangster Disciple founders and their music. The finished their warning by saying, “We need that cash right now.”

Ross’s response? He didn’t seem very intimidated by the YouTube videos and promised that “Ain’t never no checks getting cut. I don’t play those games.”

Turning the tables on the thugs he accused them of another crime other than just the shooting.

“I consider that extortion,” Ross concluded.

The short statement wasn’t all he had to say about the shooting either. The murder attempt inspired Ricky Rozay to get back in the studio as he made an unofficial remix to Kendrick Lamar’s “B***h, Don’t Kill My Vibe.” While the beginning of the song seems to be focused on the hardships of Ross’s childhood, including his supposed battle with dyslexia, the song eventually turns into what seems to be a response to the gangsters who tried to take the rapper’s life.

“Sometimes I look in the mirror, I can’t believe I’m alive/ Disrespectful to ni**as who wanna take me alive,” he raps on the song. “Wishing death on you ni**as, we’ll never see eye to eye/ Somehow I pray for your ni**as at the very same time.”

Nobody has been able to confirm when the track was recorded but right now fans are speculating that it was indeed Ross’s immediate reaction to the drive by. If it wasn’t recorded after the incident, however, it could possible add some validity to 50 Cent’s claim that Rick Ross staged the drive by shooting.

Either way, many people in the hip hop industry are urging the 37-year-old to buff up his security right away.

After dozens are bullets were fired at the “Diced Pineapples” rapper’s car, the suspects were able to flee without being identified. That means the men who want to “take [Ross] alive” are still at large.

The string of YouTube videos, which date back as far as December, claim that the gang will to go whatever lengths to take down the Teflon Don. Several videos warn the “Hustin” rapper that the gang will shut down his concert dates if they don’t get their money soon.

One iconic hip hop journalist revealed how important it is that people realize that in the midst of the entertainment value of some rappers’ lyrics, there may actually be more reality behind it than people think.

“I think this is a sad day for hip-hop because a lot of times we all partake in the entertainment of it without realizing that hip-hop was always built on the foundation of realness and keeping it real,” said the editor-in-chief of The Source, Kim Osorio. “There were a lot of people who had a problem with what Rick Ross was doing. Now we’re in a situation where the entertainment has become a reality. People are actually trying to hurt him and I think that’s sad for us.”

“I think the next step for Ross to take is security,” Brian “B.Dot” Miller of said. “There is no shame in having security depending on your level of celebrity. Certain artists just can’t do things that regular people can do.”

The call for higher security is a suggestion that Rozay should definitely consider, especially since the YouTube gang aren’t the only ones who have a problem with the “Hold Me Back” rapper.

There is also the original Rick Ross who has been going after the rapper for years now after he claims he stole his moniker and is now profiting off of it.

Rick “Freeway” Ross, a famous gang leader, told CNN that he just wants “justice.”

“The reality is I want justice done,” the original Ross said. “I know that he took his name and image from my life and believe he is unfairly profiting off my story… I have my own use for my intellectual property and did not need this confusion created.”

He certainly has a point, and if the original Ross decides to take the matter to court he may actually walk away as the winner.

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