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Beyonce Buys Mom New Home; Dad Faces Child Support Drama

Beyonce buys multi-million dollar mansion for her mom Beyonce is ready to spend $5.9 million on a Houston mansion for mother Tina Knowles while her dad Matthew Knowles is having some serious baby mama drama.

Beyonce is no stranger to buying lavish gifts for the ones she loves so it’s not surprise that she is preparing to spend millions to give her mother, Tina, the home of her dreams.

The Houston mansion seems to be inspired by a fusion of classic French and Italian décor and has more than enough room for Blue Ivy’s grandma.

The massive mansion has six bedrooms, and more than double the number of bathrooms. The Piney Point village home has 16 bathrooms (we aren’t sure why anyone needs 16 bathrooms either but just use your imagination).

Anyway, the luxurious 25,000 square foot home has gone through a substantial price drop from the $20 million it was listed at three years ago.

Beyonce buys multi-million dollar Houston mansionThe multi-million dollar gift for Beyonce’s mom comes with quite a few perks as well.

In addition to the 16 bathrooms, it has a game room, two Jacuzzis, four kitchens, a four car garage, a lavish pool, a mirrored elevator, a private screening room, heated granite floors, cast stone columns, and several hidden televisions.

Tina will also have quite the grand entrance whenever she goes home as the entry way opens up to reveal a gorgeous sweeping staircase that is fit for a movie.

The master suit may be filled with neutral colors, but the décor definitely makes it stand out. The room features a ton of natural light, posh furnishings, and “antique plaster reliefs set into the wall facing the marble fireplace.”

Beyonce buys mansion for her mom With Bey’s mom being a fashion designer it’s important that she fashionista has enough storage for all her clothes. Instead of opting for just one walk in closet, the mansion features two grand walk in closets in the master suite alone.

In case Tina’s busy schedule leaves her needing a boost, the mansion has that covered as well since it features a built in coffee bar.

The single mom might not be able to manage the entire space on her own, so there are also several servants’ quarters with private bedrooms and bathrooms.

The giant mansion has pretty much anything Tina could ask for and more, but while Bey’s mom is living in the lap of luxury her dad is busy dealing with baby mama drama.

According to TMZ, Matthew Knowles may have to pay up after he allegedly sent a threatening email to the mother of his 2-year-old son.

Matthew Knowles sends threatening email to baby mama, has to pay up Alexsandra Wright is asking for a family court to force Matthew to pay up more every month in addition to the $12k a month he is already paying in child support.

According to Wright she needs the extra money in order to put her child in a safe, private school after he sent her an email warning her that she isn’t safe.

“You hurt my family. There’s a price to pay,” the email supposedly read that Alexsandra claims was sent to her back in 2011.

Either way, the entire situation may actually turn out in Matthew’s favor.

The hefty child support amount was decided years ago before Bey gave her dad “walking papers.” In other words, Mr. Knowles makes substantially less now than he did when they child support was first awarded which means the courts could actually decide to reduce the monthly payment.

In other Beyonce news, Queen Bey seems to be following in her mother’s footsteps. Mrs. Carter may be partner up with retail giant H&M to produce a new clothing line.

The rumors haven’t been confirmed but it seems like one of the “Countdown” songstress’s back up dancers spilled the beans via Twitter.

The photoshoot was supposed to be a secret but dancer Kimberly Gipson couldn’t keep the deets all to herself.

“First day of trial in the Bahamas! H&M all set… go,” Gipson tweeted according to the Daily Mail UK.

She tried to delete the tweet, but of course today’s technology means you can never truly erase something from the internet once you post it. The tweet already sent fans into frenzies as they all took screen grabs of the telling tweet.

H&M refused to speak on the matter saying, “We cannot comment on these rumors at this time.”

Well they don’t need to comment for us to figure out that something is definitely going on. Looks like the busy mother of one is ready to add yet another business venture to her plate.


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