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Katy Perry Headlines Kid’s Inaugural Concert for Military Families

Katy Perry, Usher, Nick Cannon, and other major stars joined together to put on a special Kid’s Inaugural Concert yesterday honoring military families.

Being a military child, a military wife, or a member of the military is a challenging lifestyle but Michelle Obama wanted to find a way to say “Thank You” to all of the military families that are strong enough to do what some Americans wouldn’t bear to even imagine.

This year’s concert was the second Kid’s Inaugural Concert that the First Lady and her two beautiful daughters put on for the children of military families and Mrs. Obama admitted that being with the children is her favorite part of the inauguration weekend.

“Now, inauguration is a pretty big deal,” Michelle Obama said as she revealed her new look (edgy bangs) to the crowd at the Washington Convention Center. “But I have to tell you that my favorite part of this entire weekend is being right here with all of you.”

Katy Perry was the main act for the night as she came out in what appeared to be a vintage but patriotic get up.

Katy is no stranger when it comes to quirky patriotic outfits as she even dressed up as a voting ballot with President Obama’s name checked while the president was campaigning for his re-election.

This outfit was entirely inspired by the American Flag with an adorable tiny top hat to pull it all together.

The “Wide Awake” songstress performed several of her hit songs included “Teenage Dream,” “Part of Me,” and “Firework” while a slideshow of the president was being displayed behind her.

Images of President Obama shaking hands with LeBron James, leaning down to greet a young school girl, exiting Air Force One, and more flashed along the giant screen while Mrs. Perry paraded around in her patriotic ensemble and saluted to the military families.

“I’m very proud to be here…and to see the Obamas and Bidens here for four more years,” she said as the crowd met her with cheers.

One young concert goer, 12-year-old Dylan Garvin, pointed out that the “Fireworks” crooner was his favorite part of the entire concert and also shared that he felt the kid’s concert was a great way to celebrate the inauguration.

“I thought it was incredible,” Dylan said. “It’s a great way to celebrate.”

Other acts for the night included Usher (who performed kid-friendlier versions of “Yeah” and “OMG” before belting out “Without You”) and cast members of the hit Fox TV show “Glee.”

In addition to being entertained by some of their favorite artists, there were some other quirky ways to help the kids have fun between performances.

From a dance off to a real presidential race that featured oversized George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt mascots competing against each other the concert was packed with fun activities for the crowd.

Nick Cannon was the live host for the night, but it was Michelle Obama who reached out to the children to let them know she understands the responsibilities they have to take on by having loved ones in the military.

She said that she understands the hardships of having to always be “the new kid” because they have to transfer schools almost every semester if not more. Mrs. Obama also explained that while their loved ones are sacrificing so much and fighting for their country, military children are “growing up just a little faster, and working just a little harder than other kids.”

The crowd received the kind words with applause and cheers while a few smiling faces had tears in their eyes.

The 2013 Inaugural Concert was being streamed live to several military bases all over the country.

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