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Michelle Obama Joins Beyonce, Kim Kardashian With New Bang Look

Michelle Obama’s new hair style makes her the latest fashionista to change up her look with some chic bangs after Beyonce and Kim Kardashian also revealed their new cuts. The First Lady debuted the new banged hair do via Twitter on Michelle’s birthday.

You probably wouldn’t think the First Lady, Beyonce, and Kimmy K all have something in common but ever since Michelle Obama changed her hair up it seems like the ladies all have similar styles when it comes to their hair.

The First Lady’s full and thick hair was given a little more shape and definition around her face with the band cutting just across her eyeline level – proving that Mrs. Obama’s fashion sense extends beyond just picking out some lovely dresses.

The pic of Michelle’s new hair hit Twitter on Thursday after someone snapped a photo of her meeting at the White House with one of the eight citizens named co-chairs of President Obama’s inauguration.

During her last public appearance – when she was spotted returning from Hawaii – her hair was being held back away from her face making it unclear if she had already cut the bangs or not.

Of course, the big debut will happen when she helps kick off a variety of inaugural festivities for the president.

At a time when it seemed like bangs weren’t much of a fashion statement anymore, Beyonce and Kim K seemed to put the simple look back into the spotlight.

Fans were split almost 50/50 when Beyonce revealed her banged look at a Nets game at the Barclays Center back in November.

Bangs aren’t necessarily breaking news, but it was certainly interesting to see how even Queen Bey’s fans couldn’t make up their minds on how the felt about the new tresses.

While some people loved the blunt bangs that cut across the songstress’s eyebrows, others weren’t feeling it as much as her big curly locks.

Others liked the straight look, but wished she would have kept the bangs just a bit longer and brought it down to match her eyeline level like Michelle Obama’s hair.

More recently, the banged cut made headlines again when the most famous Kardashian tried the look on with a fake hair piece before committing to snipping her hair.

There really isn’t much that the reality star can do that doesn’t make headlines these days, but this was the first time she removed something fake and opted for the real deal (because we’re not buying that Kanye’s boo hasn’t had work done. Check out some before and after pics of Kim now and Kim before her sudden stardom.)

Anyway, Kimmy opted for a sideswept bang look rather than the blunt cut that Bey went with, and Michelle Obama added a bit of fringe to her new bangs.

We personally think all the ladies look fabulous with the new looks – although Mrs. Carter has already changed her do (or weave rather) several times since the straight bang look.

Along with a new hair do, it seems like the First Lady also gave herself the gift of a new Twitter for her 49th birthday on Thursday.

Her new Twitter handle is FLOTUS – the commonly used acronym for First Lady of the United States – and it’s the account she used to show off her bangs on her b-day.

If you were thinking the First Lady celebrated turning 49 with nothing but a new Twitter page and a hair cut you’re wrong.

The fashion forward First Lady celebrated her birthday with close friends at Café Milano in Georgetown for more than three hours.

The White House didn’t provide many details about the birthday outing, but they did reveal that the Democratic National Committee will take over Mrs. Obama’s former Twitter page @MichelleObama.

While her FLOTUS page will have more personal photos and chronicle some of her day to day activities and work with organizations, she won’t always be the one tweeting them.

Tweets sent by the first lady will feature her initials “M.O” at the end of the tweet, while others without the signature will still be about her but just not necessarily from her.

It’s a new year and Mrs. Obama is bringing it in with new hair, a new twitter, and a new term in office along side President Obama.

What a way to start off 2013.


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