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Move Over Beyonce – Kenya Moore Debuts 'Gone with the Wind Fabulous'

Let the foolishness continue. Kenya Moore debuted her first single, ‘Gone with the Wind Fabulous‘ during ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Andy Cohen. Giving her best nod to the old school dance show ‘Solid Gold’, Moore dressed in skin-tight gold stretch pants and a black bustier for her premiere performance. No performance is complete without dancers and Kenya’s twirling dancers did not disappoint. Cohen reiterated his declaration that, “I really do feel like if anything, it will be a drag anthem, I’m sure.”

For sure.

During a recent episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, Kenya talked about her daily comparisons to Beyonce (insert eye roll here) and with this single, maybe Ms. Moore thinks she will generate more comparisons to the almighty Bey. That’s doubtful, but it hasn’t seemed to stop the delusional diva from pursuing a brand with her ‘Gone with the Wind Fabulous’ catch-phrase.

As delusional as most ‘Housewives of Atlanta’ fans may think Kenya is, she apparently has some people co-signing her wreckage of a singing career. On her Twitter account, Moore re-tweeted some nice things her fans had to say about her song. One fan remarked, “@KenyaMoore showed tonight that she is much more than a pretty face. She clearly has lots of business sense. She ain’t nobody’s fool.” Another fan expressed her enthusiasm for the song saying, “Love the new song! I’m twirling in my snuggie!”

Double negatives and Snuggies…those seem like fitting depictions of Kenya Moore fans.

Anyhow, Kenya did acknowledge that she is not a singer. (Duh!) After Cohen asked her how it felt to perform her song live, Kenya said, ““It’s scary! I’m not a singer, I’m not trying to be a singer, it’s a fun song that I just wrote to empower people,” …“We all have people who don’t appreciate who we are in the world and say … all these negative things … it’s an answer for it.”

So, in essence, Kenya believes her song is the answer to haters? Okay…

No word yet on whether ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ co-star and active Kenya-hater, Porshca, is in the studio to record a rival track.

What do you think? Is Kenya Moore ‘Gone with the Wind Fabulous’ or just another washed up celebrity turned reality TV character trying to generate some buzz on a long-since fabulous career?

Kenya Moore on Andy Cohen

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