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Khloe Kardashian NOT Hurt or Jealous by Kim K Pregnancy Despite Rumors

Khloe Kardashian is reportedly not upset and jealous of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy, and it seems like some tabloids were just eager to create a story where there wasn’t one.

It’s one thing to speculate that the younger sister who has been trying to get pregnant for years might be a little disappointed that the latest Kardashian baby news wasn’t hers, but to accuse her of being devastated and heartbroken is a big claim that needs valid sources.

The unreliable story was the cover of the latest In Touch issue and it has already started receiving backlash.

“Khloe in Tears: It’s Just Not Fair,” the cover reads with a sad faced Khloe pictured giving Kimmy a depressing glare.

The mag claimed that Khloe was “overcome with jealousy” and that the baby news was “painfully bittersweet.”

“She wanted a baby so badly and feels like everybody around her is able to have kids but her,” reported one of the mag’s sources.

The story went on to report that Khloe actually cried after hearing the news and they weren’t tears of joy.

So how true is the story of Khloe’s devastation over her unborn niece? Well, it’s not completely false but it’s definitely fabricated and exaggerated to create a cover worthy story that was never there.

For now, there is no real proof that Kim’s sister is devastated by her sister having a baby, and her Twitter would definitely suggest otherwise.

“KIMYE!!!! Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited,” Khloe tweeted after she discovered the baby news. “LOVE is everything!”

Of course, being a Kardashian means she is almost obligated to tweet something about Kim’s baby on the way, but she definitely didn’t need to sound so excited if she didn’t want to.

Not to mention that ever since Kim has become pregnant, Khloe has been tweeting photo after photo of memories she shared with her big sis and keeps talking about how excited she is to welcome her new niece into the world.

Also, if you want to make a story out of speculation – Khloe’s constant pics of her spending quality time with niece and nephew Penelope and Mason gives her the joy of having children around her. In fact, she always seems to have the widest grins when she is photographed kissing the tykes’ adorably chubby cheeks so why would a new baby suddenly bring her world crashing down?

Either way, tabloids are still pursuing the story faithfully, accusing the X-Factor co-host of being jealous and heart broken although she has given no indications of such.

“It’s really hard for Khloe to see both of her sisters already having kids and neither of them are even married yet,” the questionable source continued. “She was supposed to have a true romance that neither of her sisters had and to settle down and start a family. Now both Kourtney and Kim are living the life she wants.”

The only people who really reacted negatively to the baby news were fans of the show who felt sorry for Khloe because they wanted to see her get pregnant first, but it’s unfair to assume that that youngest Kardashian agrees with them.

While her Twitter was being flooded with people supporting her during what they figured would be a tough time, Lamar’s wife was busy tweeting her excitement about Kim and Kanye’s baby on the way.

If anything does have Khloe in tears, it would probably have to do with Lamar and not her sister.

Lately, the NBA star has been photographed time after time partying with other (more petite) women in nightclubs and bars and his wife made it clear that she doesn’t trust him on the road sometimes.

With divorce rumors still swirling around, we’re not sure if the 28-year-old reality star would even want to rush into having kids at this point.

Some sources are reporting that she is still seeking fertility treatments, but as you know by now not all sources are to be trusted – especially when they want to go off the record.


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