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Azealia Banks Gets ‘Ratchet’ During Angel Haze Twitter Beef

Azealia Banks and Angel Haze got into a nasty Twitter beef that turned into a diss track battle between the two lady MC’s. Perhaps Banks was getting into character for a “Ratchet” collab with Beyonce and Lady Gaga?

2012 saw some of the most interesting Twitter feuds from Chris Brown and Jenny Johnson, Rihanna and Karrueche Tran, and Donald Trump and… well, everybody; but a new year just means new feuds.

This year two female rappers decided to kick off the new season of Twitter wars (No that isn’t a new reality show… yet) and even made some new tracks off of it.

It all started when Azealia Banks tweeted a reminder for anyone not from New York to stop pretending like they are.

“Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY… DON’T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER,” Banks tweeted.

It didn’t take long for Angel Haze to take offense despite the fact that Banks swears she wasn’t even referring to her in the first place.

Before a few minutes could even pass by a full on Twitter war had ensued.

“Okay, im seriously don’t with azebra’s madagascar 4 looking ass,” Haze tweeted in return. “Say it in a song. Or tell the people why you’re really salty. #notjusttweets.”

Later on Haze apologized for the “azebra” comment, which apparently was a shot at the rapper’s skin color (yes they are almost the same complexion, we don’t get it either) and not the way she looked.

The tweets got much more vulgar as the girl’s tempers grew and eventually Banks was accusing Haze of having some deep feelings for her.

“…weren’t you the same girl in your interviews + on twitter saying you want to eat my pu**y and sh**,” Banks said of her new enemy.

The young rapstress responded by calling her Twitter opponent “RATpunzel.”

Surprisingly throughout the beef Angel never mentioned the fact that Banks is constantly trying to dress up and act like Rihanna and yet the only thing they two girls have in common is catty Twitter beefs.

Either way, the back and forth insults on Twitter got old for Angel Haze who decided that she would take her own advice and “say it in a song.”

Her anger paid off; however, because the beef track “On the Edge” may actually be one of the best tracks she’s put out.

After getting an earful of one dirty diss after another Azealia took to the studio to respond with “No Problems.”

As far as the diss songs go, Haze takes this one hands down. As far as music careers, on the other hand, Banks has the upper hand.

Apparently, Banks just finished working on a song that seems quite fitting for her after the vulgar Twitter attacks.

Rumor has it that she worked with Lady Gaga from afar to create a new single called “Ratchet,” and even Beyonce might be joining in on the ratchetness.

Blue Ivy’s mommy posted a picture on Instagram with some hoop earrings with the word “Ratchet” placed inside them and not long afterwards Lady Gaga shared her own pair of “Ratchet” hoop earrings.

If you’re thinking that the New York rap starlet has some great connects to get Queen Bey on a track with her… think again.

The song apparently belongs to Gaga, but nobody is really sure what she will do with it.

“I worked with Lady Gaga, but I worked with Lady Gaga from afar,” Azealia explained. “…We have a song called ‘Red Flame’ and a song called ‘Ratchet,’ but I don’t know what she’s doing with it. She’s going to release it when she wants to release it.”

Working with Gaga and Bey on a song would certainly be a career booster for the blog famous rapper, and that’s something she could really use at this point.

Either way, the real shame is that in the midst of an almost female-less rap industry the only girls who manage to put out a few decent singles are too busy beefing with each other to build their careers.

With both girls pretty much flying under the radar, it would do them much better to put the beef aside and work together to grow as powerful woman in a difficult industry instead of representing African American females as angry and bitter (something the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Basketball Wives series have already done enough of).

While the beef is ridiculous, we’re still crossing our fingers that Azealia Banks and other young rappers will mature, wise up, and find some real success in their careers.

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