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Apply Now For 'Monsters University'

Well, Pixar has done it again. The studio that brought you Finding Nemo, Up, and Monsters Inc, is creating a prequel to the beloved monsters movie, Monsters University. Pixar really upped the ante with advertising portraying Monsters University as a real college, that young adults/ monsters can apply to today. As you can view below, Pixar released a very convincing TV spot, hidden among the advertisements for human universities, during the Rose Bowl on New Years Day.

[jwplayer mediaid=”28236″]


Along with the sly TV spot, Pixar also released a full fledged interactive website that’s more advanced than most real colleges. features the uplifting, inspiring, and downright cheesy messages you’d expect from a typical college website, like the slogan,”Excellence in Action. Show the world who you are. And who you are going to be ” or “Embracing Tomorrow. The future is bright at Monsters University .” The site also boasts some some monster specific slogans peppered in for the School of Scaring, such as”Excel…In The Art of Extreme Creepiness.” Sounds way more useful than a B.A. in History, right?

Everything you might expect from a typical university website is featured, from Greek Life, boasting fraternities like Jaws Theta Chi (JOX), to the Alumni network offering help acclimating to the real world with the Monster University Alumni Home Away from Home Adjustment (MUA-HAHA). There’s even a complete list of On Campus dining and an online Student Store.

As you might have guessed from the title, the film follows our favorite monsters, Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and James P. Sullivan aka Sulley (John Goodman), as they adventure through four years of college. The movie is set about 10 years before Monsters Inc, and includes the beginning of the epic friendship between Mike and Sulley. The two are initially rivals, but become fast friend after joining the same fraternity. Check out the official trailer below.

[jwplayer mediaid=”28252″]

If the idea of seeing Mike and Sulley back together again on the big screen wasn’t enough incentive enough to see Monsters University, the idea of watching monsters live it up in college like the humans do, along with the added punch of the highly detailed and cheeky Monsters University website definitely convinced me.


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