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Brand New Extended 'Monsters University' Trailer

The newest trailer for Monsters University sheds some light on the plot, while revealing some quirky new characters.

Monsters University is a prequel for the original Monsters Inc. From Monsters Inc, we learned that  Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) had dreams of being a Scarer ever since he was just a little monster. MU rewinds to when Mike and James P. Sullivan aka “Sulley” (John Goodman) first meet as freshman year roommates, both enrolled in the elite Monsters University scaring program. From the new trailer, we can gather that Mike and Sulley’s friendship is more of a rivalry at first. Mike and Sulley’s competitive antics cause them to get kicked out of the Scaring program.

Determined to get back in the program and fulfill their dreams, Mike and Sulley are forced to join an underdog fraternity. With their fellow members of Oozma Kappa they must enter the “Scare Games,” a dangerous and terrifying competition for monsters to prove if they have what it takes to be a professional Scarer. If Mike loses the competition he will be expelled Monsters University, as will his dreams of ever becoming a Scarer.

Along the way Mike and Sulley become the best of friends and we meet some new characters, like a funky philosophical frat brother Art (Charlie Day) and the seriously sinister Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren).

Enjoy this new, extended trailer, and get ready for some serious scaring (and laughing) when Monsters University hits theaters June 23.

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