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‘Monsters University’ Scores $82M, Tops Box Office

As expected, Monsters University gains top honors at the box office this weekend, blowing past Brad Pitt’s World War Z.

According to Cinema Blend, Pixar’s Monsters University brought in a whopping $82 million this weekend. The film was predicted to bring in only around $65 to $70 million this opening weekend, but clearly the Monster’s Inc. sequel exceeded expectations. This gives Pixar its second highest opening weekend since Toy Story 3, and its 14th No. 1 in a row, according to Film Drunk.

On the other end of the spectrum, Brad Pitt’s World War Z trailed in second, making an opening weekend high of $66 million. Although word of mouth was that the movie was not so great with Pitt, and the director, Marc Foster, not speaking, the box office does not lie.

The $200 million budget film had a projection not to go above $55 million, but it clearly overcame that even with the over-budget reshoot of the ending. This is Pitt’s biggest opening by far with Mr. & Mrs. Smith coming in second with $50.3 million, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Going down the line, Man of Steel, which has been in the box office for two weeks now, trails in third, staying alive in the top five. This weekend adds $41 million to the pot, pushing the total box office to past $200 million. This puts Man of Steel right behind Iron Man 3, making it the second highest grossing domestic film this year…

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