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Kanye West Tops Man-Skirt Look With Creepy Masks in Atlantic City

Kanye West rocked two unique full-head masks at one of his Atlantic City concerts that easily out did his leather skirt and leggings combo from a few weeks ago.

Kanye West clearly doesn’t care about what anyone has to say about his fashion choices as he went from rocking Kim Kardashian’s skirt to dipping into Lady Gaga’s closet for one of his three year-end shows in Atlantic City.

To match his shows all-white winter theme Yeezy flaunted a full-head yeti mask to complete his all white ensemble.

The feather filled headdress almost looked like some sort of strange turban from far away, but a closer look revealed that Mr. West was really just channeling his inner Gaga.

Before he revealed his cockatoo mask, however, Jay-Z’s bestie took the time to spark a few more illuminati rumors – because those never get old.

His habit of wearing all white, black, and maybe some red caused speculators to believe the rumors suggesting that he is some Satanic worshiper who is using his music to spread his Satanic ways (We don’t get it either); but his first mask had fans taking to Twitter to accuse Kanye of being a member of the Illuminati once again.

When he first hit the stage at Revel in Atlantic City, Ye’s entire face was covered by a diamond-encrusted mask as he performed a remix of Rihanna’s “Diamonds.”

We’re not sure what the illuminati’s connection is to diamond masks, but Twitter was set ablaze.

“Who said Kanye West wasn in the Illuminati. U blieve me now,” one user tweeted along with a picture of Mr. West in the full face bling.

Another user kept their message simple with the hashtag “#illuminati” before tweeting their own photo of the face gear.

To make matters worse, a special projection was used to make the stage appear as if Kim Kardashian’s boo was actually walking on water.

Either way, if he was aiming to set a new fashion trend he seems to have failed once again. On the other hand, if he was just trying to make us forget about this leather skirt look… well, he still failed at that too.

But we’re sure the Fashion Police will have something to say about the quirky accessories. For now, we’re trying to figure out whose closet the “Cold” rapper will break into next – we’re crossing our fingers for Richard Simmons.

Kanye West Revel Video:

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