Azealia Banks, Rap’s 2012 ‘It Girl’, Calls Rap ‘Unladylike’

Azealia Banks wants to stop rapping in the future in order to focus on other musical styles, because she thinks rapping is ‘kind of tacky’.

In an interview with HypeTrak, Azealia said that she would like to focus on other musical styles as well as rapping, adding that rapping is ‘unladylike’ despite being easy.

She told HypeTrak, “I’d eventually like to stop rapping. That’s the honest truth. One day I don’t want to rap anymore. Just because I think it’s… easy, but I think it’s kind of tacky.

“I think it’s very unlady like. I like it. But, I think I’m going to get tired of it.”

Azealia went on to add that she aims to release two studio albums in 2013, hopefully with a mix of genres.

She said, “If I have things my way, if the universe allows me to do things the way I want to do them, I want to get two albums out in 2013.”

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