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Ne-Yo's Ex-Girlfriend Sues After He Exposes Paternity Lies

Ne-Yo violates confidentiality agreementHow does a ‘former’ baby momma get paid for lying about the paternity of her child? Just ask Ne-Yo. Apparently, his ex Jesseca White (not the model) was paid hush money after she claimed that Ne-Yo was the father of her child, even though he wasn’t. Both parties agreed to a confidentiality agreement. During Ne-Yo’s ‘Behind the Music’ special, the R&B star revealed that painful moment in his life, violating the confidentiality agreement. Now, Ms. White and her attorney, Gloria Allred, are threatening to sue him.

If anything, it would seem that he would be able to sue her for lying about paternity. Instead, when Ne-yo found out about her false claims of paternity he paid her $575,000 to keep it quiet.

Say what???

This scenario makes no sense. First, why would he be required to pay her anything? Next, why would he agree to pay her anything? Finally, what details are missing that would shed light on why this drama is unfolding? Surely, she would have to have something on him in order to be able to basically extort him with false paternity claims.

The basis of her new claim against Ne-yo stems from his comments during the ‘Behind the Music’ special. Ms. White has said that since the airing of the show, she is been “defamed, ridiculed and harassed.” She’s even gone as far as to claim that she cannot work, has suffered mental anguish, has had to seek state assistance and has experienced vomiting and hair loss over the stress this situation has caused to her life.

Maybe she’s just pregnant again? Digressing…

Ne-Yo and fiance MonyettaGloria Allred, Jesseca’s attorney, has penned a letter to Ne-Yo accusing him of breaking the agreement for his comments made on the Vh1 special. Allred claims that because Ne-Yo ‘falsely’ painted Jesseca as a loose woman who lied, broke his heart and then left him, she has suffered ever since.


Allred has requested that Ne-Yo settle the matter (what matter?) out of court instead of pursuing legal means. If they indeed had a confidentiality agreement that stated that neither side could speak on the matter publicly, then it appears that he indeed was guilty of breaching that contract. However, with legal loopholes and agreement expiration dates, his comments on the false paternity matter might not have broken any contract.

Unless this woman has something major on Ne-Yo and has evidence to prove it, it might be better for him to take this issue to court.

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