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First Trailer Drops for Seth Rogen's 'This Is The End'

The first redband clip and trailer have dropped for Seth Rogen’s This Is The End, promising what everyone has come to expect from a film starring Rogen and the rest of his buddies: laughs galore.

The first part of the trailer is a quirky message from Seth Rogen and James Franco as they await the Mayan apocalypse in Franco’s bunker. They introduce This Is The End before running out of things to do and ensuing hilarity.

The second part of the trailer — This Is The End‘s actual trailer — shows Franco and Rogen as they awake in what is presumed to be James Franco’s illustrious mansion amidst apocalyptic chaos. In true meta fashion, the comedic actors are all playing themselves (when don’t they?). Danny McBride has just shown up, unaware of the gravity of the situation, as Rogen, Franco, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson and Jonah Hill all attempt to convey it for him — hilariously. There’s also a couple of quick quips regarding Michael Cera and The Green Hornet.

While some may consider the pack of comedians playing themselves a bit odd or even self-indulgent, it eliminates the need for character development and allows more screen time for banter (see: comedy). After all, This Is The End will be Seth Rogen’s directorial debut, and it’s probably best if he just sticks to his strengths. Along with the usual cast of actors that populate films with Rogen, Emma Stone and Paul Rudd will also make appearances.

This Is The End has a tentative Summer 2013 release date. If this much material has been released already (the trailer and clip clock in at over three minutes), we’re sure more outrageous clips will be released in the meantime. Enjoy the trailer below! Oh yeah, this is most definitely redband and not safe for work.

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