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NeNe Leakes Calls out Kenya Moore on Her Fake Boyfriend

If you watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night, then you know diva NeNe Leakes articulated what we all have been thinking about Kenya Moore’s relationship with Walter. Her fake ‘boyfriend’ Mr. Jackson has already exposed their relationship to be made-for-reality TV on Atlanta radio station V103, and it seems as though NeNe picked up on their act during their Anguilla trip.

While the ladies were getting their massages hours before a private beach front vow renewal ceremony for Cynthia Bailey, NeNe confronted Kenya about the validity of her relationship. But, that wasn’t the first time she mentioned her suspicions to the former Ms. U.S.A. The first time she brought up the matter was over a couples dinner; asking them both, “Is your relationship fake;” in a straight-forward manner that only NeNe could pull off. Kenya politely dismissed the question then, but wasn’t so cordial when the matter was brought up again.

It’s funny that Ms. Leakes had so much to say about whether Kenya and Walter’s relationship was real because audiences have been questioning the pair since the beginning of the show. She was pretty much echoing the sentiment that all ‘Real Housewives’ fans have. Since Mr. towing-company Jackson has exposed the relationship as fake, why is Kenya so hell-bent on holding onto the apparent lie?

With Kenya grinding on Cynthia’s husband Peter, shamelessly flirting with Phaedra’s husband Apollo and suggesting to a random Asian man that she’d like to have his babies, is it a wonder why anyone would question the validity of her relationship with Walter? With all that extracurricular activity on her behalf, you’d think her ‘boyfriend’ would have had something to say. However, he had little response to her antics. That definitely looks more like the move of a man who doesn’t care than one who wants to get married. Perhaps he couldn’t care less because he’s acting for the cameras…like he’s stated previously.

The next episode of ‘Real Housewives’ looks to be promising as Walter finally says something about their relationship…and it’s not what Kenya wants to hear. If this is truly a staged relationship, it’s shaping up at least be entertaining. However, if Kenya is acting with Walter Jackson, is she acting in other scenes? Perhaps her obnoxious behavior isn’t as a result of not taking her meds (as Walter suggested in an earlier episode) and is the result of great acting.

Can Kenya possibly be real, or is she just a great reality TV actress?

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