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A$AP Rocky Collaborates with Florence + the Machine, Skrillex

A$AP Rocky‘s ‘Long.Live.A$AP’ is finally on the way in January, and he’s got some pretty surprising collaborators. The ‘Goldie’ MC has tracks with Florence + the Machine and Skrillex on his upcoming record, and the tracks came about in pretty surprising ways.

“It’s an honor that people from different genres really appreciate my music,” A$AP told MTV News. (He’s humble about everything except his good looks!) “It’s not just categorized or labeled as ignorant hip-hop or just rap. I feel like when you just say ‘rap’ it limits it.”

The more shocking duet for music fans is likely Rock’s song with Florence + the Machine, ‘I Come Apart.’ How exactly did that go down? Turns out, Flo was a fan of A$AP before he even knew who she was.

“[Florence Welch] is actually a huge fan and she reached out [to me],” Rocky said. “I knew about her from winning Grammys and stuff like that, but I’m not gonna sit here and lie — I wasn’t too in tune with the music, so when I found out she was fascinated with my style, that’s when the infatuation with her came. I just started doing research and I became a fan.”

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