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Khloe Kardashian Oblivious to Lamar Odom Cheating Rumors?

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom may be facing martial issues once again after Odom was spotted several times out and about with other women, but Khloe seems to have no idea.

Khloe and Lamar divorce rumors sparked earlier this year due to fertility issues with Khloe, but has that pushed Lamar to the edge?

The latest issue of In Touch revealed three different sightings of the NBA star with other women while his wife was nowhere to be found.

It all started in Oklahoma City at club Skkybar where one party goer spotted the famous athlete with two brunettes back in November.

“He went out the back door, and it looked like he was about to leave,” said Teresa Witt. “They were standing next to a cab. Both of the women were very thin brunettes in their late twenties, and when I saw them, I immediately wondered, ‘Why is Lamar in an alley in the middle of the night with two gorgeous girls?’”

Perhaps the fertility isn’t the issue this time, it seems like the 33-year-old wants to try out women of a different build than his curvaceous wife.

After being spotted outside in the alley with two thin ladies, another report surfaced that he snuck two other petite women up to his SoHo hotel room with the aid of his driver over Thanksgiving.

While the X-Factor host was back in L.A. having dinner with her family, Lamar jetted off to NYC for a game and apparently that’s when his gorgeous wife was out of sight and out of mind.

More recently, on December 9 people at Greystone Manner spotted him out with another women again – this time a short blonde. According to the alleged witness, the pair was “talking so close it looked like they were kissing.”

One of the witnesses went on to say that Khloe’s husband, “seemed to be having the time of his life.”

Well the youngest Kardashian sister has been having a great time too, but it isn’t certain if she has heard about her husbands three outings with other women.

In the midst of all the rumors flying around, the X-Factor host was spotted out with a huge grin on her face while flaunting a sweatshirt from her husband’s Rich Soil clothing line.

She even took to Twitter to show off a special something she made for her hubby.

“I made this collage for Lamar, hope he likes it :),” she tweeted along with a collage of photos of her and Lamar.

Just a few minutes before that, she expressed how much she enjoyed just being able to talk to Odom.

“Nothing better then late night talks with my baby,” she tweeted before the posted collage.

The reality star isn’t completely oblivious; however, as one source revealed that the 28-year-old has always been suspicious of what goes on when her hubby hits the road for games.

“Khloe’s biggest fear is Lamar traveling,” a friend of the Kardashians said. “She knows how he gets with his buddies.”

Whether it’s his “buddies” or the skinny ladies, something is certainly keeping Odom distracted from his wife – and the game. The NBA baller is only averaging 2.7 points and 4.3 rebounds per game.


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