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'Yelling To The Sky' Movie Trailer Starring Zoe Kravitz And Gabourey Sidibe Looks Very Good

The official trailer for Yelling To The Sky, starring Zoë Kravitz and Gabourey Sidibe has recently hit the internet. Kravitz’ mother, actress Lisa Bonet, along with her musician/actor father, Lenny Kravitz, must be really pround of her. Judging by the trailer, Zoe looks to have done a good job on the film. Sometimes it’s difficult to make a definitive statement about a film just by watching a trailer online, but between the story plot and the featured actors it shows some promise.

The synopsis for Yelling To The Sky decribes the drama-filled film as:

In this gripping urban drama, rising star Zoë Kravitz plays 17-year old Sweetness O’Hara, the daughter of an African American mother and a white father, who is struggling to find her place in a rough inner city neighborhood. Her father is either absent or abusive; her mixed race background makes her an outsider; and drugs and violence abound. Sweetness finds herself in a downward spiral of drug dealing, shoplifting and fights with a bully before a series of events leads her to rethink her life and to explore her options for a fresh start.

Yelling To The Sky was directed by Victoria Mahoney and produced by Mahoney, Billy Mulligan and Ged Dickersin. Besides Zoe and Sidibe the film also stars Antonique Smith, Tim Blake Nelson, Jason Clarke, Yolonda Ross, Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter, and Shareeka Epps.

Yelling To The Sky opens this Friday, December 14th, in NYC. Subsequently following, would be a bigger release, expanding into other major cities.

Trailer on the next page! Enjoy!

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