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Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown Support The Kill & Leave Rihanna in Paris

Karrueche Tran has a tight hold on Chris this time as the pair left Paris (and Rihanna) behind as they headed for Dubai, all while promoting Karrueche’s “The Kill” clothing brand.

If meeting up with Karrueche in Paris was enough to piss off RiRi, we’re sure the fact that he left for Dubai with his ex has the R&B songstress feeling really salty.

Breezy and Kae were photographed leaving a restaurant in Paris along with Ugo Mozie, Brown’s stylist who is also partnering with Tran to launch “The Kill.”

After grabbing a bit to eat, Chris and Karrueche hopped onto Breezy’s tour bus which is headed for Dubai.

Despite being ditched for Tran, it’s likely that Jay-Z’s mentee will still keep fighting for Brown’s heart.

“She can’t get it through her head that Chris will never change,” a source said about the Bajan beauty. “She’s given him so many chances since he beat her up in 2009 and he still keeps hurting her by partying with girls.”

To make matters worse, while Rihanna is allegedly walking around with “Breezy” tatted on her neck (So we know it’s real) Chris is busy rocking anything and everything from Karrueche’s upcoming clothing line.

In a matter of hours Ms. Tran is going to launch her website for her clothing line and has plenty of celeb support thanks to her “ex.”

Looks like we were right about the aspiring model wising up and using Chris for his fame instead of chasing behind him begging for a relationship.

The “Fortune” crooner has been snapped over and over again sporting all sorts of apparel from the “The Kill” including a t-shirt and a black snapback.

Not to mention, the free trips all around the world with the “Don’t Judge Me” crooner is just even more opportunity for Tran to network and advertise her brand all across the globe.

Keeping a place in Breezy’s life means Rihanna’s nemesis also has contact with his other celeb pals such as Christina Milian who was also sporting a snap back from “The Kill” a few weeks ago.

So today’s Chris Brown love battle goes to Karrueche who claimed some great free travel, dinner, and tons of publicity for “The Kill” all while keeping Brown wrapped around her finger.

Now let’s see how the former leader of this love race retaliates. Your move RiRi.


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