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Dealing With Rejection: When the One You Love Doesn’t Love You Back

Having to deal with unrequited love can be heartbreaking as feelings of rejection and sadness overwhelm you. When someone you care for doesn’t care for you back you may feel physically sick to the stomach, and become down and depressed. Their rejection of you may leave you wondering if you are good enough and lead you to develop low self esteem and compare yourself to others unfavorably.

It’s always horrible to have a one sided relationship; especially if you’ve invested a lot of energy into it and you were oblivious to the fact the other person didn’t have strong feelings for you like you did for them. You may feel like you’ll never get over the pain when you’re in the middle of the situation, but time will eventually heal your emotional wounds. Until then, there are ways of coping better.


If you care for someone and they have turned you down don’t push the matter if they were clear about their intentions. Not only will doing so make them reject you further, but you’ll prolong the agony if you continue to go out of your way to try and be with them.

It is hard to accept being rejected, but once you do you will be able to begin moving on, even if it’s at a slow pace.

Release pent up feelings

Find a good friend and use their shoulder to cry on. Talk about your feelings with them and get your anguish out in the open. As rejection is a taboo feeling many people bottle it up until it’s like poison. Instead of feeling embarrassed discuss the matter, and you’re liable to discover that your friend understands and may have an example of when a similar situation happened to them. Seeing that they’ve recovered could help you.

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