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Kim Zolciak Wigs Out on Final 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Episode

Kim Zolciak was serious when she said she wanted off the cast of  ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ So serious, in fact, that during her final scenes she caused quite the scuffle with Bravo cameramen in her haste to get out of the restaurant. Over the years, Zolciak dished out her fair share of drama with the ladies. However, now as Mrs. Kroy Biermann, she was done with all the arguing, fighting and bickering among the ladies…and walked out to prove her point.

The drama began as fellow ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ cast member Cynthia said she consulted with Kim when planing her couples-trip to Anguilla. According to Zolciak, she did give Cynthia tentative dates that she would be available but instead of confirming, Cynthia just ran with the dates. Kim was upset that the ladies failed to take into consideration how her pregnancy ma affect her travel plans. That’s when it all broke loose.

It seemed understandable that all the ladies, who are mother’s themselves, would have taken into consideration Kim’s pregnancy when planning the trip. It’s common knowledge that air travel is a no-no after a certain point in a normal pregnancy. If Kim’s pregnancy was considered high-risk, like she alluded to on the show, then it would make sense that her ‘no fly’ date would be sooner than later. However, once the pregnant Zolciak began talk of her exotic trip planned with her family around the same time, the ladies lost their cool.

Fed up with what she saw as the insensitivity of the group, the Tardy for the Party songstress stormed out. “I’ve just had it,” Zolciak said on camera at the end. “I don’t need this f––ing drama. And these b––ches are not my friends. I don’t know any of these f––ing ladies anymore. One day they’re one way, the next day they’re another.” She has has a lot more to say since leaving the show. In recent interviews Zolciak talks about why she chose that moment to quit the show. “My main concern at that time was my son in my stomach,” she says. “They can all come and attack me, I can handle myself and I’ve proven that over the years, but for me I had my son’s health that I had to think about.”

In a tense confrontation about priorities, Kim’s choice may have seem a bit rash, but it’s become obvious that her family should have been her first priority over her loyalty to friends. There have been numerous reports about the ever-widening rift between Zolciak and her parents over their visitation rights to their grandchildren. As seen on the show, Mrs. Biermann and family were evicted from their mansion. And, most recently it was reported that Kim’ ex-husband is set to be released from prison after serving a sentence for molesting a 15-year old girl. Clearly, there are fires burning on the home-front.

Those die-hard Kim Zolciak fans will have to wait until her spin-off reality show, Don’t Be Tardy... airs sometime next year. For now, it seem Zolciak has left the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ franchise…for good.

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