JWoww and TO High Dive into FOX new reality show 'Stars in Danger'

Will the new FOX reality TV show ‘Stars in Danger’ be Terrell Owens’ (TO) comeback to stardom? The new reality show with ‘Jersey Shore’s’ JWoww just might be the former football star’s last chance at redemption for his image. ‘Stars in Danger’ is a very fitting title for Owens, as recent years have not been kind to him. From speculated suicide attempts, to his well publicized financial troubles and child support payment struggles, the bad news has remained for the former wide receiver. His most recent public embarrassment came as he was released from the Seattle Seahawks after less than three weeks with the team this season.

Owens may not be crying over a quarterback anymore, but with Jenny Farley, better known as JWoww, getting the most attention for FOX’s new reality show, fans might get to see him cry over how far his image has fallen. He and JWoww won’t be the only ones on the show, however. Eight celebrities including Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Kyle and Kim Richards and former soap star Anthony Sabato Jr. will join them in a race to the finish. ‘Stars in Danger’ will pit the celebs against each other in a high diving, Olympic-style competition. Yikes!

Most contentants have some sort of athletic prowess; or are at least in shape. JWoww is most known for being on ‘Jersey Shore’, but the beauty has recently gained attention for her slimmer figure, exercise regimen and commitment to living a cleaner lifestyle. She will be hosting MTV’s New Year’s Countdown December 31st with her fellow Jersey Shore cast member, and new mom, Snooki.

It’s no question that TO having been an exceptional football star, is super athletic. That will help give him a clear advantage in the competition where training is concerned.

However, the one to beat may just be a little known girl name Bethany Hamilton. Known largely in surfing communities as a rising star before her accident, Hamilton’s story became household news after she survived a shark attack (albeit, losing one arm). She still continues to surf with one arm and she has turned her tragedy into triumph by writing an inspirational book.

This isn’t another “Skating with the Stars” type show. According to the show’s producers, the competition is actually quite stringent; requiring contestants to bring their “A” game. “Based on the long-running German format, High Dive will see contestants take a crash-course in diving techniques overseen by renowned diving coaches and then compete in a series of Olympic-style dives including high diving, synchronized dives and more from a variety of heights.”

Owens, JWoww and rest of the cast will make their debut on “Stars in Danger” on January 9th at 8p.m.

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