Halle Berry, Ex Settle Just as Halle’s Mom Begs Them To ‘Calm Down’

Halle Berry and ex Gabriel Aubry settle their dispute in court after the Thanksgiving brawl, giving Berry’s mom hope that things will finally get better.

Berry and her ex have been battling it out over custody of Nahla ever since the Cloud Atlas actress wanted to run off to France and take her daughter with her.

After the courts ruled in favor of the French-Canadian model tension reached a new height between the pair but not from the person that everyone expected.

Even though the courts rule in his favor, Aubry still wasn’t satisfied and tried to attack his ex’s new fiancé when he dropped Nahla off at her mom’s house for Thanksgiving.

The scuffle landed both men in the hospital – although Gabriel’s injuries were far worse than Martinez’s who only suffered from a swollen hand – and called for the courts to issue a restraining order again the 36-year-old model.

Despite receiving a black eye and a broken rib from Halle’s fiancé, Nahla’s dad was able to reach a settlement with his ex over the custody of their adorable 4-year-old.

Halle Berry’s attorney, Blair Berk, and Gabriel’s attorney, Shawn Holley, made a statement after the pair appeared in court Thursday revealing that both have reached an “amicable agreement.”

No further details were provided about what were the terms of the agreement and both attorneys refused to answer any questions about the matter.

The settlement came just in time for the Monster’s Ball actress’s mother who was overwhelmed when she caught a glimpse of the headline making scuffle during Thanksgiving.

Judith Hawkins, Nahla’s grandmother, admitted that she was shocked by the news and more than anything she simply wished that the dispute could have been handled differently.

“I hope that things get better…” she said in an interview with Celebuzz.com. “They have got to get better… This cannot go on. Things have got to calm down.”

Meanwhile, the scuffle has brought some major attention to the once quiet listing of Berry’s multi-million dollar mansion that is now on the market.

Although the listing remained quiet for quite some time and the Catwoman star has already received an $11 million offer, the Thanksgiving day fight has brought the listing to the public’s eye.

Just a week after Gabriel and Olivier got into their scuffle, TMZ revealed that the Tuscan style home with the very same car port where Halle’s ex learned not to mess with the French actor is now up for sale.

The home was on the market for quite some time before the brawl and we wouldn’t be surprised is the headline making news that happened right outside the home’ front doors brings in a few more interested buyers.

All 6,000 square feet of the main home and 1,400 square feet of the guest house are up for grabs and are currently listed at $15 million.


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