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Rihanna Joins Chris Brown's Mother on Brown's 'Carpe Diem' Tour

Rihanna spent her Thanksgiving with her ex Christ Brown and his mother Joyce, supporting him as he continued on his “Carpe Diem” tour in Germany.

RiRi flew out to Berlin, Germany in order to attend her ex’s show but is still holding on to the claim that they are nothing more than “friends.”

After she finally wrapped up her own “777” tour she was able to board her private jet – without the 150 journalists this time – and took off to meet up with her former lover.

“All alone on my big ole jet!!! See u soon lover,” the 24-year-old tweeted after she boarded the plane.

Later it was revealed (in case you hadn’t guessed already) who the “lover” in her tweet was.

Before the pics of her and Brown were posted on a Germany website, Jay-Z’s mentee dropped some major hints by tweeting, “#Berlin #CarpeDiem.”

In Rihanna’s defense, a good friend would still come support you while you perform. Perhaps she really is doing what a friend should do and is making it out to as many of Brown’s shows as she can.

As for taking shot after shot with the 23-year-old R&B crooner and then hopping into his car after the show – it’s a little harder to defend that one.

After the “Don’t Judge Me” singer finished his show that night, RiRi joined him for a night of fun and liquor.

Fans and photographers went crazy as they snapped away the couple inside the nightclub. While the Bajan beauty was taking shots, the Virginia boy settled for a cigarette.

Last night Rihanna and Brown’s mother, Joyce, who has been a longtime support of the singer was spotted in the VIP section at his show in Stuggart, Berlin.

The “Where Have You Been” songstress may have forgiven her former flame, but a large population of women’s rights activists in South America are having a hard time turning the other cheek after Chris assaulted his then girlfriend back in 2009.

It was revealed that Brown chose to cancel his tour date in South America due to the angry protests by the women’s rights groups.

The concert was schedule to take place on December 26, but the star’s reps claim that the “Don’t Wake Me Up” crooner didn’t back out of anything.

“This concert was never confirmed. The promoter is being untruthful,” Brown’s rep said after the allegations were made.

Protestors even took to the streets of Stockholm, Sweden and replaced all his concert flyers with blown up pictures of RiRi’s face just after she was attacked by the “love of her life.”

Well it seems like the mystery of this love triangle may have an answer after all. Chris definitely wants a girl who will party just as much as he does, but Karrueche Tran would rather make the most out of her time.

While the couple was busy tossing back shot, Tran took to Venice Beach to collect donations and feed the homeless. She even brought friends along for the ride as they collected tons of clothes and toiletries for those in need just before dishing out some plates full of Thanksgiving meals to the people who couldn’t afford to prepare a meal themselves.



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