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Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner Defy Divorce Rumors

Kris Jenner laughed at the Bruce Jenner divorce rumors last week and is now going out of her way to prove her relationship isn’t on the rocks.

The entire Kardashian clan made a trip to go see X Factor USA in order to support sister Khloe, but momager Kris Jenner took the time to show off how much she is still madly in love with her husband.

The couple usually doesn’t do much more than hold hands in public (if even that), but this time the leader of the Kardashian clan threw herself into Bruce’s lap while they sat the audience watching Khloe host the X Factor.

For anyone who wasn’t close enough to see them cuddled up together, Kim Kardashian snapped a picture of her mom in Bruce’s lap and shared it with her Twitter followers.

Supposedly the PDA is supposed to be enough to assure everyone that they are going to stick together forever.

The 57-year-old reality mom even sat down with Jay Leno to discuss just how crazy the divorce rumors were to her.

“That is the most ridiculous… we’ve been married almost 22 years,” Jenner said. “We fight all the time. Everybody fights after 21 years, but he kind of stays away, gets to the golf course and tries to stay out of my way.”

Doesn’t sound like the happiest marriage, but it’s a marriage nonetheless.

Other sources claim that the two are indeed very happy together, however, despite the way the Kardashian momager treats her man on national television.

“Kris and Bruce are doing just fine,” the source told HollywoodLife. “Bruce would never, ever leave Kris because he is too much in awe of her.”

Another insider did admit that Kimmy K’s mom has a way of pushing her husband’s buttons but for some reason the former Olympian is still crazy about her.

Perhaps she makes up for the all the “button pushing” by dressing up in sexy outfits that were designer for a younger crowd – specifically a 28-year-old television host.

The fashion loving mom had no problem raiding her daughter Khloe’s closet in order to borrow the same dress that she wore during a previous episode of the X Factor.

It was all fun and games, however, as Khloe took a picture of her mom in the dress and tweeted it with the hashtag “BitchStoleMyLook,” a reference to a segment on Fashion Police.

“Oh hi momager! I see you raided my closet LOL,” Lamar’s wife tweeted after posting the pic.

When the entire Kardashian family came out to support Khloe as a family, we couldn’t help but notice that Kim’s boo Kanye West even tagged along.

It seems like Mr. West has been a part of most of the Kardashian family outings, despite his claims earlier this year that he wanted to stay away from too much Kardashian reality footage.

The good news is that Kim’s mom certainly doesn’t mind and she even thinks Yeezy is a “great guy” and he might even be making his first Kardashian Christmas card debut.

“He’s a great guy,” the fashionable business woman told Leno. “He’s really great. He’s great with Kim. Kim is happy and when your kids are happy, you’re happy. I think they’re good together.”

Of course, we heard a similar quote when the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality star began dating Kris Humphries so Kim’s mother’s endorsement of the relationship doesn’t seem to mean much.

Either way, it doesn’t seem like Jenner is ready to tell if Yeezy will officially become a part of the family by being a part of their traditional Christmas cards.

When Leno asked the question pertaining to the Christmas photo, she responded by saying, “You’re just going to have to get your card.”


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