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Serena Shows Off Her Sexy Curves, Bikini Body

Serena Williams shared some photos from her Bahama vacation that showed off her amazing figure in a variety of different bathing suits.

The star tennis player has certainly sculpted an amazing frame with all her work outs and tennis games, and she was more than ready to show it off while enjoying her time on the beach.

After her US Open win back in September the 5 time World No. 1 ranked tennis player jetted off to the Bahamas for some well deserved rest and relaxation.

As she strolled along the beach she rocked a retro style bathing suit that accentuated her voluptuous figure as she looks over her shoulder and smiles back at the camera.

In a more playful pic, she is seen kneeling on what appears to be a giant lime green cushion with a floppy sun hat and bathing suit with a fierce lion printed across the front.

When her fun filled vacation in the sun came to an end, however, the photos revealed just how much Serena wasn’t ready to leave the gorgeous beaches in the Bahamas.

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