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Rihanna Set to Top Album Charts, Billboard Hot 100

This week’s battle of record sales is shaping up well for Rihanna, with the 24-year-old singer set to have the top album (Unapologetic) and song of the week.

Rihanna’s Unapologetic, which debuted Monday, is set to be the week’s top album, projected to sell between 240,000-260,000 copies. This would be Rihanna’s biggest debut to date, beating 2010’s Loud, which sold over 207,000 in its first week.

Unapologetic is also set to out-sell releases by Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole and Kelly Clarkson. The album has already produced one hit single, “Diamonds,” and features many hot collaborators, including David Guetta, Chris Brown and Eminem.

Rihanna has reached another milestone this week, with “Diamonds” becoming her 12th number one single on the Billboard Hot 100.

The singer has now surpassed Whitney Houston, who had 11 songs make it to the top of the chart, and is tied with Madonna at 12.

The only female recording artist to best this figure is Mariah Carey, who holds the all-time record with 18 singles to sit atop the Billboard Hot 100. Carey has held the record for over a decade, leaving much speculation as to who would eventually challenge it. With only 7 more singles to go, Rihanna is well on her way.

Indeed, Rihanna is moving at the lightening pace that propelled Carey in the 1990s, putting out roughly an album a year amid constant touring and promotional appearances.

Last night, Rihanna wrapped her 777 promotional tour at New York City’s Webster Hall. Although he did not take the stage, mentor Jay-Z was in attendance, watching from a balcony seat.

Rihanna seemed excited to return to the big Apple, “This is definitely the best show so far, and it’s not even over. But you guys know I’m not gassing you because you’re New Yorkers. You’re real.”

After performing a few songs that included “Umbrella” and “We Found Love,” the singer tweeted “777 is a wrap… #UNAPOLOGETIC is OWT.”

At this rate, Rihanna is well on her way to that magic 18.

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