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LaShawn and April of ‘Tamar and Vince’ Share How Their Marriage Works

Tamar and Vince might be the title of the show, but LaShawn and April Daniels are its breakout stars. The couple recently had one of their rough patches broadcast in a recent episode of the reality show but appearances can be deceiving. The couple thinks showing the ins and outs of their marriage is a lesson for their viewers. “I think the most enjoyable aspect [of doing the show] has been letting people into the real of marriage,” said LaShawn. “In marriages you have ups and downs and everything isn’t a bed of roses all day, everyday. I think if more people were real about marriage and the ups and downs of love.  a lot of people have the force to stay together and be together. I think it’s enjoyable just letting everybody see that marriage is a work in progress and as long as you love who you’re with that work is nothing.”

The Danielses have been married for 11 years and with over a decade under their belt, they are able to be an example for other couples, including Tamar and Vince. For them, watching their friends work on their marriage takes them back to their early years. April remembers that time in her marriage very well. “We say a lot. That was us in the earlier years of our marriage and people think we’re telling lies but it’s the god honest truth,” said April. “We really struggled [while we were] trying to find that rhythm between the two of us so it’s good to help another couple because some people just don’t have that when they’re trying to work it out. I think marriage is always sold as something that is perfect every single day and that’s just not the truth.”

She also hopes her friends will take those lessons and pay it forward. “We still have our struggles but for the most part, we don’t go to that extent anymore and we know that with Tamar and Vince that’ll be something they can give back to the next couple that comes after them,” April added. “I just think marriage is a beautiful thing and it’s even more beautiful when you have a support system and people you know you can really trust and they really want the best for you. ”

In addition to mentoring Tamar and Vince, the couple has three boys to raise, a task the couple takes seriously. The Daniels want to show their boys that marriage is something that takes constant work and wants to effectively prepare them for their future relationships. They even use the show to teach their sons a few lessons. “I think the most beautiful thing is we have three boys so we’re raising men and the wonderful thing about that is as they watch the show, they will see the different arguments and everything even when it comes to Tamar and Vince. They call them Aunt Tamar and Uncle Vince ,” said LaShawn. “They’ll see that in the show but at the same time when they look around as they’re watching the show and see that we’re still together as a whole watching the show.”

Juggling a marriage with children, careers and a reality show is quite a feat but the couple has found a way to maintain a balance and they say spirituality is a big part of that maintenance. “I feel the spiritual growth of being grounded has to be there. You don’t have that foundation spiritually, it makes things more complicated than they need to be,” said April.  “So, for us spirituality is a big part of our union and family and our home and everything else just falls into place with it. ”

LaShawn shares that sentiment. “I don’t believe God will allow your marriage to thrive and your business to suffer nor your business to thrive and your marriage to suffer,” added LaShawn. “I think as long as your keep your spiritual point of view and you keep God in the middle of everything that you’re doing, he will provide the balance for you.”

That spirituality is a huge part of their marriage and part of what makes April so attracted to LaShawn. “Outside of that fact that he treats me incredibly well, I love his love for God,” April gushed. “That to me, and I don’t want to sound weird or anything, but that’s really sexy to me. That a man loves God the way my husband does, you can’t go wrong.”

To LaShawn, April is his rock. “What I love the most about April is she is my everything. She is all that I have. She is the only right thing left in this whole wrong world. So this is all I have,” said LaShawn. “I love the way she is. I love the way she is a mom and how she takes care of my children and how she takes care of my house. She does a great job every day. I love that’s she’s able to make us whole. ”

In a world where couples fighting and being dramatic draws ratings, it is refreshing to see a couple that is so in love with each other. LaShawn and April are definitely representing for black love and marriages.

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