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Cycle Your Way Into Shape

Getting on your bike regularly not only serves as a means of transport but it is an excellent workout and helps you get in shape. Cycling is a workout that gets the whole body moving, burns plenty of calories and helps you lose weight along with toning your body up simultaneously. Here are some ways which tell us how to effectively use bicycle exercise to pave the way towards fitness. This involves weight loss and therefore a healthier; more toned and well shaped body along with plenty of weight loss.

Why Cycling is a Good Workout

Low Impact: Cycling is categorized as a low impact workout which implies that it is relatively easy on your joints.

Minimized Heart Risk: Cycling has proven to be effective in reducing the likelihood of chronic illnesses including the likes of diabetes type 2, stroke & heart disease. As fast as heart disease is concerned, The British Heart Foundation claims that even just 20 miles of cycling over the course of a week has the ability to reduce your chance of getting heart disease by a half in comparison to those who have no physical activity.

Weight Loss: In the study, Cycling and Health, it was found that cycling may offer the same fitness benefits as aerobics programs. Indeed, the study revealed that cycling for 30 minutes on at least 4 (or more) days a week along with a low calorie diet, could be as effective as a aerobics 3 times a week.

Tones the Lower Body: Cycling is as effective workout for the lower body, particularly the thighs and bum.

Makes You Feel Happy: It is well known that exercise has the ability to release your happy hormones known as ‘endorphins. Cycling is no exception to this rule.

Cycling Warnings

Pollution: Be sure to bicycle in an area which is air pollution free and relatively green.

Helmet: There is absolutely no excuse for not practicing the standard safety measures of cycling. A helmet is an absolute must. Over 80 percent of cycling death is the result of brain injuries. Additionally, knee-caps and elbow…

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