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Beyonce And Rihanna Up For Grabs Between Azealia Banks and 007

Beyonce and Rihanna are undeniably the biggest pop stars of this generation. Which is perhaps why at every turn there seems to be a comparison between the two, despite their vastly different approaches to their respective careers. While Rihanna is the sexy, badass singer working on her 7th album in seven years Beyonce while also sexy is far more reserved with her image and just began work on her 5th studio album since going solo in 2003.

It is for those precise differences that Daniel Craig, the current James Bond in the record breaking film “Skyfall” chose Rihanna over Beyonce as a potential bond girl. Craig was asked who he believed between RiRi and Bey would make a better bond girl, “Rihanna,” he responded before adding, “she’s dirtier” than Beyonce.

Interesting. Not surprisingly the current bond girls Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe disagreed with 007 choosing the “Single Ladies” singer instead.

Another artist who can’t seem to contain her love for Beyonce is Harlem rapper Azealia Banks. The 21-year old rapper easily carries the persona of Rihanna with her constant Twitter feuds, sexual lyrics and overall badass attitude yet she’s inspired for the exact opposite reasons by Beyonce.

In a recent interview with Beats TV, Banks revealed, “I definitely think career-wise and personally, I’m very, very inspired by Beyoncé. She’s so well-mannered and so classy and so well-poised. It’s important to have those kinds of skills.”

Even Rihanna can’t seem to contain herself from gushing about the Queen Bey. In her recent Facebook interview with Andy Cohen she was asked what comes to mind upon hearing Beyonce’s name “Gorgeous and a stab to my ego.”

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