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Halle Berry Loses Custody Battle to Gabriel Aubry, Nahla Can't Go to France

Halle Berry can't take Nahla to France Halle Berry has lost the custody battle over Nahla to her ex Gabriel Aubry and was denied permission to take her daughter with her to France.

After months of a long bitter custody battle, a judge has finally made a decision and it looks like Berry won’t be able to make the big move to France, or if she does she is allowed to take everything with her except her daughter Nahla.

The “Cloud Atlas” actress insisted that France was simply a safer country for her young daughter because of the stricter paparazzi laws. The mother of one became even more determined to move after camera men were constantly showing up outside of Nahla’s school.

The 46-year-old actress made headlines for her verbal attack on the paparazzi outside of her 4-year-old daughter’s school, and it seemed like nobody could blame her for wanting them to get out of her daughter’s life.

Although a majority of the public agreed that her anger was justified and that the paparazzi had no right to impose on the life of a child, the judge still forbade the Catwoman actress from moving to France for the safety of her daughter.

According to TMZ, the former Bond girl claimed that she wasn’t even moving to another country to take Nahla away from her father, Gabriel Aubry, but she simply wanted her to be safe.

Halle Berry wants paparazzi to leave Nahla alone The status of the case wasn’t always clear throughout the custody battle, but the release of the Kate Middleton topless photos are believed to have been a turning point in the case.

If the French tabloid had no problem snooping on the Duke and Duchess and publishing the scandalous photos, then France really wasn’t all that much safer compared to the United States.

It has been a little more than two years since the Monster’s Ball actress split with Nahla’s father back in 2010.

At first, things seemed to be a bit rocky when it came to custody issues because Nahla’s mommy admitted that she believes a child needs both parents in her life.

“Our issues were never about fighting for her,” said the actress who is now engaged to Olivier Martinez. “We both know a child needs both her parents. But what I want to say about it is sometimes, as a couple, you reach an impasse.”

Needless to say she wasn’t singing that tune for long when she wanted to relocate to her fiancé’s home country which would have made it extremely difficult for Aubry to see his daughter.

It is still uncertain if the former fashion model will try to have her case heard again, or if she’ll accept the fact that if her adorable little princess comes with her to France it can only be for a short visit.

Gabriel Aubry wins custody battle, Halle Berry loses custody battle


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4 thoughts on “Halle Berry Loses Custody Battle to Gabriel Aubry, Nahla Can't Go to France

  1. Halle, God doesn't like ugly, that baby has the right to know and be able to be around her Father. You really need to put all that resentment away. Not a good picture for your daughter.

  2. Paula Greer says:

    What a sad saga.. So many parents have wished for a father or mother to actively get involved. I wonder what Halle's problem is with Gabriel, she chose to have a baby with him.. She never gave David or Eric (husbands) that opportunity.. It's time for her to think about her daughter, instead of herself…

  3. Gary Sausen says:

    Halle is hot, but she seems like she fell out of the crazy tree.

  4. Tika Singh says:

    Most selfish woman and most selfish mother. Why cant she accept that her daughter has the right to see and be with her daddy to? One day her daughter will hate her for taking her away and constantly fighting with her daddy. She burns bridges where ever she goes.

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