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Stacey Dash Romney Rant May Boost Her Career?

Stacey Dash was disappointed when Mitt Romney lost the election against President Obama. Instead of a call for a revolution like Donald Trump, she expressed herself in a 1,344 word rant which may actually help her career.

This morning TMZ reported that the 46-year-old Bronx native sent them a long rant pertaining to her feelings about the Presidential Election.

The popular celebrity gossip site claims that Dash talked about sleeping, her baby, her DNA, and Osama Bin Laden all in the same essay style letter about her “election depression.”

The long rant wasn’t a full on attack on the President, however, as the actress closed the lengthy paper by wishing the best for President Obama and hoping that he can be the leader that his speeches promise.

“I am hopeful that President Obama will lead us to becoming the great United States of America that thrives,” the “Clueless” actress wrote.

Throughout the presidential race to the White House the actress received a lot of backlash for being one of the few African American figures in Hollywood who openly supported Romney rather than Obama, but the decision may help the New York native’s career.

“This is pretty much the first time Stacey’s name has appeared in the media since ‘Clueless,” said co-founder of the media training company Clark Pennell, Louise Pennell. “Smart girl. Her beliefs aside, Stacey has tapped an emotional media button that is getting her national coverage. As they say in the entertainment industry, any publicity is good publicity.”

Pop Culture writer Rachelle Friberg also agreed that Stacey’s Romney stance will help her career by proving she is actually a pretty strong woman.

“Her reluctance to back down despite repeated calls for her death is future proof she is a strong, independent woman who thinks for herself regardless of the backlash,” Friberg pointed out.

Michel Cohen, on the other hand, isn’t as impressed with the actress and doesn’t think the Romney rant will give her as much publicity as she needs.

“She did a brilliant job of getting her name back in the press, because the entire generation that loved ‘Clueless’ can’t remember her name,” said the entertainment reporter. “At least we will remember it for another week or so…”

Cohen even went on to point out his surprise that the “unemployed African American actress” was so gung ho over Mitt Romney in the first place.


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