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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom not Pregnant But Fans Share Tips

Khloe Kardashian and her husband Lamar Odom are not pregnant yet but that hasn’t stopped Khloe’s followers from sharing a few tips to help the couple along. The youngest Kardashian has also started a new diet in anticipation of her X-Factor host job.

Kim Kardashian used to easily be the most talked about member of the Kardashian clan, but her younger sis Khloe might be stealing her shine.

Khloe has been making headlines for everything from OJ Simpson rumors to her new X-Factor gig and now her personal problems with her womanhood has become the talk of Twitter.

Only a few weeks ago it was revealed that the youngest Kardashian sister would indeed be taking the X-Factor stage along side co-host Mario Lopez, and she has been doing whatever it takes to look right for the part.

In addition to trying to work out at least three days a week, she also admitted that she has made some changes to her diet.

The hardest part of the new eating regime was giving her up cheese – one the reality star’s favorite foods. The 28-year-old also revealed she had to let go of sweets as well and hopes to make the new healthy diet a lifestyle change.

“When I used to do things like crash diet or things too fast, it never stuck because it wasn’t a lifestyle change,” she explained. “So for this, I’m working out consistently like three to five days a week… it’s been harder. But I’m just changing my diet slowly.”

The one person who hasn’t had any problem with the reality star’s size, however, is her husband Lamar Odom.

When the youngest Kardashian appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show in April she shared that her husband always gushed over how beautiful he thought she was.

Needless to say the relationship between Lamar and the new X-Factor USA host has been very public and now the reality star’s fans seem to be crossing the line.

Kim’s younger sister decided to have cameras follow along during one episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that exposed her issues with getting pregnant.

The wannabe mother discovered that in order to start a family with Odom she would have to undergo vitro fertilization, and her fans immediately shared their “advice” about the matter.

Instead of offering real help, the starlet’s followers took to Twitter to share their own personal sex positions they tried out to get pregnant, but Khloe wasn’t too happy about the explicit tweets.

“Because of our show, people think they know me and they can tweet me anything,” Lamar’s wife explained. “But, hello, sometimes it’s so inappropriate. I mean, they’re describing the positions they’ve, you know, actually used to get pregnant. How am I meant to respond?”

When it comes to personal matters such as this the young socialite admitted that being a part of the reality television world is a difficult thing to do.

“The reality lifestyle is really hard for anyone to learn to cope with,” she explained. “You give up your anonymity and your privacy to a lot of extent. Your joys and struggles are shared with millions.”

Being followed around by cameras all the time even proved to be too much for the NBA star which resulted in the couple pulling the plug on their own reality show spin off.


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